Look! Books: Indie Craft

This book first called out to me from the heavy set trestle table of the Urban Outfitter’s book dept. It was most unexpected. I had only nipped in for a sneaky late back to work nose at the sale rail, but as I slid along the shiny parke floor I saw the words I’d always dreamt of seeing in the same sentence: indie + craft.

Now, for you die hard publishing fans, who are already saying “this book has been out for while” you’d be right, and we know, but seeing as the Mollie Makes blog launched post it being published, we cannot miss the opportunity to include and express love.

Indie Craft is an inspiring anthology of craftiness showcasing the supercool wave of craft that’s made the world sit up and take note.

Hands up who likes paper dolls!

One of life’s great travesties is that when you buy children’s clothes they do not also come in adult sizes.

Never has this fact been more true when it comes to the über cute designs by Brooklyn children’s clothes design co Oliver + S.

When designer Liesl Gibson’s struggled to find any stylish and unique clothes for her daughter to wear she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Dress to impress

We love it when we find some clever use of crochet but we must admit we never saw this one coming.

Netherlands designers Simeli have taken accessorising to a whole new level with their take on bicycle jewellery and we think it looks pretty cool.

Apparently flowing skirted women have been wearing dress guards on their bikes since 1800, learnt something new there.

With 13 designs to choose from all personalised with names such as Sophia and Charlotte de Luxe there is a colour to suit every colour combo.

Odette is the latest design on the block, and in our humble opin, the best.


Mollie by name, Mollie by nature

We absolutely ADORE these gorgeous little Mollie flowers as created by the supercrafty Brie over at Little Green – especially loving the name!

Ever since we featured the apple cosies on the cover of issue 1 of Mollie Makes, it seems our readers have gone absolutely crochet crazy. We really are thrilled to hear that so many of you have picked up a hook for the first time to attempt the cosies and even better that you are already hungry for more – hmmm we did warn you*.

*The highly addictive art of crochet is learnt entirely at the risk of the crafter.

Hello birdy!

Whether appliquéd onto cushions, printed on curtains or fabric, birds of all shapes and sizes still dominate home style and decor and yes, we still definitely like.

These bonny lil fellas from On to Baby are made with simple birdy shapes and heart shaped bendy wire feet and we think are a little bit too nice to save for babies. Why not dip into your fav fabric stash and make up a a flock in all shapes and sizes.


Stitching with passion

If we ever wanted a new best friend it would be Emily Peacock.

Fresh eggs!

How wonderful to be able to see hens clucking around your garden from your kitchen window.

Get to grips with crochet (warning: highly addictive)

How d’you like them apples? Here at Mollie Makes we like our apples crisp and juicy with no bruises thank you very much so we are just love love loving the chance to keep our fruit safe and sound by making apple cosies for our lunch boxes.

Who would have thought a few years ago we would have seen granny squares on the catwalk but crochet has really hit the fashion headlines, thanks to collections from the likes of uber trendsville Henry Holland. We for one are totally thrilled crochet is back in vogue and as it looks set to be around for a while we thoroughly recommend getting hooked.

What’s that you say? Don’t know where to start? Phew!