65 free desktop and phone wallpapers

We’re all about prints, patterns and illustrations here at Mollie. In fact, we love them so much that we’ve been giving you a free one every week to use as a phone, tablet and desktop wallpaper for the past few years. We’ve gathered all these prints together in one big old blog post so that you have the go-to place for when you fancy changing up your wallpaper. Keep scrolling to find seasonal, animal and nature-inspired prints.

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Pattern wallpapers 

Victoria Johnson’s pattern print background.

Jenna Jungbluth wallpaper

Jenna Jungbluth’s abstract print background.

Free iPad wallpaper by Clare Nicholson. Mollie Makes

Clare Nicolson’s mandala style wallpaper.

Clare Owens’ geometric wallpaper.

Tablet background by Jemma Burness

Jemma Bursnell’s brush-stroke wallpaper. 

free iPhone wallpaper | Mollie Makes magazine

Oh No Rachio’s starry wallpaper.

wallpaper by Abbey Withington

Abbey Withington’s Bauhaus-inspired wallpaper.

Lucy Driscoll’s semi-circle wallpaper.


Motivational wallpapers 

Mollie Makes 114 wallpaper liz harry

Liz Harry’s motivational wallpaper.

Seasalt’s positive background.

Katie Leamon’s inspirational background.

Animal wallpapers

Free desktop and mobile wallpaper by Bethan Janine Westran

Bethan Janine Westran’s bear wallpaper.

Stacie Bloomfield’s hummingbird background.

Holly Maguire’s chillin’ cats background.

Mobile wallpaper and desktop background by Linda Tordoff

Linda Tordoff’s sleepy animal backgrounds.

Free iPad & tablet wallpaper - Louise Lockhart

Louise Lockhart’s yellow wallpaper. 

Flora Waycott’s swan wallpaper.

Amy Williamson’s foxy wallpaper.

Amy Grimes’ jungle wallpaper.

Download a free mobile wallpaper and desktop background by Suzy Ultman

Suzy Ultman’s swan wallpaper.

Sally Bufton’s pinata wallpaper.

Nature wallpapers 

iPad background for Mollie Makes by Susan Driscoll

Susan Driscoll’s bold floral background.

Kitty McCall’s green leaves background.

Wendy Kendall’s cactus wallpaper.

Papio Press’ autumnal flower wallpaper.

Hannah Rampley’s cherry blossom background.

Brie Harrison’s pink leaf wallpapers. 

Emma Block issue 115 wallpaper

Emma Block’s floral wallpaper

Chloe Hall’s pastel blooms background.

Sophie Gibbons’ rainbow leaf wallpaper. 

Lisa Levis’ country floral wallpaper.

vintage wallpaper, vintage floral desktop ipad

Pia Lindrup Thomsen’s traditional wallpaper.

Lucy Tiffney’s jungle wallpaper.

Chloe Hall’s winter fig wallpaper.

Jess Phoenix’s nature explosion wallpaper.

Jennifer Bouron’s mushroom wallpaper.

Sea Salt background

Seasalt’s autumn flower background. 

Jenna Roberts august background

Molly Egan’s retro flower wallpaper.

Hannah Rampley’s shell background.

Mollie Makes April wallpaper

Miranda Sofroniou’s colourful wallpaper. 

Becki Clark’s festive wallpaper.

Foods and fruits

ipadbackground mollie makes

Annie Dornan-Smith’s peachy wallpaper.

Emma Kate’s pineapple wallpaper. 

Mia Dunton’s watermelon background.

Studio Binky free iPad wallpaper -Mollie Makes

Thoughts Make Things’s lolly and doughnut pal wallpaper.

Downlaod a free iPad background for your gadgets

Nikki Miles’ strawberry wallpaper.

Free iPad wallpaper | Watermelon print by Jen Gardner

Jen Gardner’s melon background.

Alice Potter’s fruity wallpaper.

Houses and homes

Meera Lee Patel’s spring home wallpaper.

Kezia Husle wallpaper download

Kezia Hulse’s paper cut-out wallpaper. 

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iPadwallpaper_ Bettyjoydesigns_

Betty Joy Designs’ Scandi home backgrounds. 

Christmas wallpapers 


Sarah Malone’s Christmas print. 


Jacqueline Colley’s light bulb wallpaper.

Holly McCulloch mobile wallpaper and desktop background

Holly McCulloch’s holly wallpaper.

iPad background from Louise Cunningham

Louise Cunningham’s wintery town background.

Clover Robin’s snow scene wallpaper.

Mollie Makes December iPad wallpaper

Ello Lovey‘s snow globes background.

festive wallpapers

Old English Co’s Christmassy background. 

Christmas wallpapers

Christmassy wallpapers by us! 

Stationery and crafts

paint wallpapers

Esther Curtis’ paints and crafts wallpaper. 

Events and occasions

Valentines day wallpapers

Steph Baxter’s Valentine’s Day wallpaper.

Liz Harry Halloween wallpapers

Liz Harry’s Halloween background. 

Pancake wallpapers

Lucy Atkinson’s Pancake Day background.

Mollie Makes free iPad and tablet background - wallpapers by Megan McNulty

Megan McNulty’s summer vibes wallpaper.

new wallpapers

Mélanie Johnsson’s travel background.