Homemade face scrub: Honey and almond

For a soft winter glow, whip up a batch of Aimee’s natural honey and almond homemade face scrub. Sounds good enough to eat, right?

The last thing we have time for, what with all our DIYs on the go, is a fussy beauty regime. But once in a while we like to pamper our profiles to a simple homemade face scrub. Today Aimee from Clones N Clones demonstrates just how easy it is to make a facial scrub with just two ingredients.

This honey and almond homemade face scrub is so simple, so good and an easy DIY beauty product. It’s soft on your skin and gives you a fresh glow. Almonds are great for hydration and will exfoliate your face kindly, and honey is hydrating with the super power to kill yucky bacteria – because we don’t want any of that lying around!

To make an almond and honey scrub you’ll need two ingredients:

2 spoons of ground almonds
2 spoons of organic honey

Mix it all up and scrub your skin in small circles. Remember to do your neck and chest as well as your face. Leave the scrub on your face for a few minutes to reap the benefits of the ingredients and then wash as usual. Magic!

You could use a scrub like this daily, but really you only need to use it once or twice a week.

Whipping this homemade face scrub made me wonder why I don’t just stick to simple, natural beauty products that I know work wonders, cost less and take care of my body in the best possible way? I’m definitely going to use this again and again, even if I enjoy other products too.

xx from a café in Shoreditch, London


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