23 hashtags for Illustrators

For illustrators who want to draw attention to their work, using the right hashtag is the perfect way to get your art seen by others.  So, pop down your pencil (just for a minute), take your sketchbook scribbles, pick up your camera and grow your online audience with these helpful hashtags.


@dannybrito for #yayeveryday2016


Instagram is possibly the best place for illustrators to share your latest sketches and show off your unique style. By using #illustratorsofinstagram, #instart or #illustrationgram you can connect with other artists, share your drawings and show off new techniques.


Illustrator Toby Dean came up with the hashtag #yayeveryday2016 after successfully challenging himself to do a daily drawing for a whole year and wanting to help other illustrators be inspired too. The brilliant  Hello DODO have now joined in now to create daily prompts to help fire up your imagination. “We never thought we’d have the time to commit to doing a daily drawing but it’s been wonderful having a little mini brief each day to create something for,” explains Hello DODO’s Ali.

“It’s lovely to make just for the fun of it and has given us a good excuse to play around making animations and collages. We’ve discovered some amazing talented people and it feels like we’re a part of a creative community.”


It may still be a little way off, but the annual Inktober challenge is a great way to help form positive habits by creating 31 drawings in 31 days. Created by artist Jake Parker as a way to improve inking skills, Inktober soon grew and now sees illustrators from all over the world taking part. All you have to do is draw with ink (pencil under drawings are allowed too) then post it with the hashtag #inktober.

Image © @becki_clark

Image © @becki_clark


Rather than hoarding all those sketchbook away from prying eyes, share your works in progress (#wip) with others and open up that #sketchbook to the world. Another great tag to use which is shared by all kind of crafters, but is especially good for illustrators is #doitfortheprocess, so you can share the sketches that keep you fresh.



The world’s biggest drawing festival returns in October and this year’s theme is Steam Powered. The Big Draw is open to everyone – young or old – to show how the universal language of drawing is a tool for learning, expression and invention. As an illustrator you can get involved by putting on an event to encourage others to get creative. Or, you can simply share your own drawings of the theme to a huge audience by using the hashtags #thebigdraw and #thebigdraw2016. The charity also uses the hashtag #drawingchangeslives to show the social, economic and health benefits that drawing can bring.


Keep yourself inspired by sharing your daily sketches with the rest of the online illustration community by using the hashtag #sketchaday2016. There are no rules, simply draw what you like in your preferred medium and get it out there. The hashtags #adrawingaday and #dailydrawing are also great to see what other artists are working on.

@claire__ritchie for #dailydrawing

@claire__ritchie for #dailydrawing

#illustration / #illustrator

These may be the most obvious hashtags to use, but it doesn’t mean they’re not worth adding to get your work seen by the widest audience possible. #illustration / #illustrator can also help you to spot trends and pick up tips. Consider posting videos of the process behind your pieces like illustrator And Smile who does this to great effect on her Instagram page – and she has the likes to show for it!

#printspotters / #printisntdead

For all illustrators who love getting their hands dirty, creative community People of Print have created two hashtags #printspotters and #printisntdead so you can share your own designs or prints that have inspired you with the wider creative community. It’s a great way to make connections with other design conscious makers and don’t forget to add  #screenprinting and #printmaking to your posts too.


Inspired by #CBDrawADay hosted by Creative Bug and Lisa Congdon, illustrator Jessica Amoros didn’t want to lose touch with the amazing illustrators she had connected with while taking part. So, along with more than 100 people from the original challenge, they decided to create #ifdrawaweek (Insta Friends Draw A Week), so they could keep inspiring each other! Every Sunday a new prompt for the week is announced on Jessica’s Instagram page and there are no rules or start date, just get stuck in!  “Many friendships have started because of this hashtag,” smiles Jessica.

“Our only aim is to inspire people to keep creating even though life gets busy sometimes, and to encourage and support them in their creative process. The community has grown A LOT since we started on February and every week we have new cool, supportive and friendly people joining us.”

@sideoats for #cbdrawaday

@sideoats for #cbdrawaday


Let’s face facts, all illustrators love a bit of stationary. So, whether you create it to sell to others, or use it to make your art, share your favourite stationary finds with the hashtag #stationaryaddict.


Share you favourite drawing of the week with thousands of other illustrators and get inspired ready for the weekend by using the hashtag #illustrationfriday

  • Thanks Mollie, this is great. As an illustrator new to Instagram half way through 2017, do you have an updated version of recommended hashtags for getting work seen? Many of these are year/month specific. (Instagram: jack_brutus_penny).