Hashtags for embroiderers who get creative with their stitches

#modernembroidery by @afera_handmade

If you have a thing for hoops and satin stitch, we’ve curated the best hashtags to find your embroidery tribe. Read on…

With hoop art making a comeback, the growing number of stitchers creating innovative embroidery is growing day by day. Gone are the old fashioned patterns as embroiderers give their makes a modern twist. We’ve hunted down the best hashtags below to give you tips, inspire and help connect you to the creative community on Instagram.

#handstitched by @floralsandflossembroidery

Photo courtesy of @floralsandflossembroidery


Put away your sewing machine, and share your hand-stitched makes using the simple hashtag #handstitched. A great way to find your stitching tribe this hashtag is so full of different styles you’re bound to find other who share your aesthetic as well as finding unique was to play with stitches that you just can’t do with a machine.

#embroideryinstaguild by @sarahgwyer

Photo courtesy of @sarahgwyer


Go global and find embroiderers all over the world by using the hashtag #embroideryinstaguild to search out fellow stitchers. The worldwide IG based embroidery guild – @embroidery_instaguild -curate their favourite pictures that pop up in the feed, so if you use the tag you may be lucky enough to get your project picked and shared with their 69,000 followers.

#stitchrebellion by @crafty.stitch

Photo courtesy of @crafty.stitch


Innovative embroidery is everywhere and if you’re looking for makers who are bringing the ancient art bang up to date #modernembroidery is the perfect hashtag. If you’re looking for perfectly stitched pop culture references this is the hashtag to follow. Also take a look at #modernembroiderymovement, #contemporaryembroidery and #stitchrebellion too.

#hoopart by @redworkstitches

Photo courtesy of  @redworkstitches


Hoop art is making a huge comeback with more people than ever selling their embroidery ready for you to hang on your walls. Find some great makers and sellers using the hashtag #hoopart. This tag is particularly good if you need a good inspirational quote to get your day off to a positive start.

#nicegirlsneedleclub by @nicolemonjeau

Photo courtesy of @nicolemonjeau


Instagram is full of supportive creative communities and @nicegirlsneedleclub has to be one of the most welcoming. Check out the hashtag #nicegirlsneedleclub for some of the most stunning and supportive stitching out there and find other makers who inspire you. It’s all about community over competition and this tag sums that up perfectly.

#goldworkembroidery by @institches57

Photo courtesy of @institches57


If you like a bit of luxury take a look at the hashtag #goldworkembroidery. While the art of this opulent technique goes back over 1000 years and was often used for regal or ceremonial embroideries, many makers are giving it a modern look by using gold work in more contemporary designs and can inspire you to add a bit of gilt to your stitches.

#damngoodstitch by @threadypulse

Photo courtesy of @threadypulse


@damngoodstitch on Instagram curates and shares some of the prettiest stitches on your feed. From classic flowers to unique uses of floss if you tag your makes with #damngoodstitch they may share your makes with their thousands of followers.

#freestyleembroidery by @nightquilter

Photo courtesy of @nightquilter


If you prefer not to follow a pattern and keep your stitches free flowing #freestyleembroidery is the hashtag to follow. Be brave pick up your needle and stitch something completely different, check out the smaller tag #intuitiveembroidery too for some fresh ideas.

#feelingstitchyig by @joanna.lemon

Photo courtesy of @joanna.lemon


Fans of needlework blog Feeling Stitchy, use the tag #feelingstitchyig to share their latest stitches and it’s a great place to find not only stitching inspiration, but tips and stitch-a-longs (like the brilliant 12 months of Christmas so you can have 12 beautifully stitched ornaments in tie for the big day) as well as feeling a part of the needlework community.

#blackworkembroidery by @mimasma

Photo courtesy of @mimasma


For anyone who is more about monochrome, the tag #blackworkembroidery is great for finding fellow stitcher who see the world in black and white. You’ll also be using a technique that dates back to Tudor times!

#needleworksociety by @soulpatch_embroidery

Photo courtesy of @soulpatch_embroidery


The Needlework Society on Instagram is the home to the hashtag #needleworksociety and its mission is to share needlework art with those who appreciate stitches as well as connecting artists across the world. The tag is packed with innovative stitches (and they send out a newsletter for needlework artists too).

#ihavethisthingwiththread by @lolliandgrace

Photo courtesy of @lolliandgrace


If your fixation with floss is out of control, use the hashtag #ihavethisthingwiththread to see what others are stitching and pick up tips and colour inspiration for your next creation. The hashtag #embroideryfloss is also worth checking out, and if you’re a fan of DMC Threads use the huge hashtag #dmcthreads to see how others are using their flosses.

#1yearofstitches by @carls_h_x


Started in 2016 by artist Hannah Claire Somerville #1yearofstitches is a year-long Instagram project to encourage you to keep creative throughout the year without any pressure to be stitching every single day. You can divide your hoop into sections, use different colours for different months, sew things that are meaningful to you or just go abstract, – the choice is yours. You can also share as you go with stitchers on the same path. The challenge may have already begun this year, but you can’t still join in.

#embroiderypattern by @stitchleigh

Photo courtesy of @stitchleigh


Need a new pattern to create with? Then use the hashtag #embroiderypattern to find out what others are stitching and find some great indie makers who are creating their own patterns so you can sew with confidence.

#instastitch by @shivivka

Photo courtesy of @shivivka


Find other stitchers on social media by using the tags #instastitch or #stitchersofinstagram who are using the platform to expand their online sewing communities and join in the thread-based fun!

#broderie by @mossandfeather

Photo courtesy of  @mossandfeather


The French word for embroidery #broderie brings up a wealth of gorgeous work on Instagram and let’s you see what French makers are creating. It’s always worth looking up embroidery in another language to bring up pictures an English search may have missed.

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