Hashtags for modern weavers and tapestry makers

#modernweaving by @redheadweaver

If you’ve got a fascination with fibres and love your loom, we’ve rounded up the best hashtags to get inspired and find fellow weavers…

From rugs to wall art, weaving is an ancient slow craft currently enjoying a modern resurgence. It’s been given a contemporary twist as more and more crafters are making their own looms, not to mention using cottons, yarns and a whole host of fibres that don’t follow traditional methods. And, luckily for us, there’s a whole host of hashtags out there to find like-minded makers and textured, tactile eye candy.

Share the fruits of your loom with others who know their warp from their weft with these weaving hashtags…

#weaverfever by @novamercury

Photo courtesy of @novamercury


For those who love their looms, #weaverfever is one of the prettiest and most varied hashtags for weavers. From yarn finds to bright weaves and everything in between, this is a great hashtag to get inspired.

#handweaving by @theweaversapprentice

Photo courtesy of @theweaversapprentice


One of the greatest pulls of weaving is you get to create with your hands, feeling every texture and thread used. The hashtags #handweaving and #handwoven are great ways to see how others are using similar techniques.

#saoriweaving by @bluebirdweaving

Photo courtesy of @bluebirdweaving


Saori weaving is a freestyle weaving movement that began in Japan over 30 years ago. The looms are perfect for beginners who want to go with the flow while still creating professional looking fabrics. Use the hashtag #saoriweaving to see what others are creating by ditching the rulebook.

#loom by @mindfully.woven

Photo courtesy of @mindfully.woven


Looms come in all different shapes and sizes, from giant looms that take up half your room to teeny tiny ones you can create with on your lap (check out #laploom just for these!). Use the hashtags #loom and #loomweaving to find out how not only others are using their but unique ways of weaving from using embroidery hoops to homemade looms that you can create yourself.

#fibreshare by @blacksheepgoods

Photo courtesy of @blacksheepgoods


If you’re a fan of luxury yarn and snail mail (and come on, who isn’t!) then this craft swap is well worth getting on board with. Originally just for weavers (although the community has grown to include all yarn addicts) FibreShare is an international yarn and fibre, which focuses on creating connections and growing the fibre-community. To get involved in a swap head to the website to find out when the next swap is about to begin and then use the hashtags #fibreshare and #fibresharetribe to see what people are swapping and weaving.

#weaversofinstagram by @texturizeyoureyes

Photo courtesy of @texturizeyoureyes


There’s a large community of weavers at all stages of their threading journey on Instagram. They’re a friendly bunch who are happy to offer hints and tips while showing off their latest weaves, and the best place to find them is using the hashtags #handweaversofinstagram and #weaversofinstagram.

#wovenart by @jadeandfrankie

Photo courtesy of @jadeandfrankie


Woven wall hangings have exploded in popularity over the last few years – after all, who doesn’t love art you can not only hang on your wall, but can squeeze and touch too! #wovenwallhanging and #wovenwallart are great hashtags to get ideas of using different yarns and textures in your own hangings or simply buy a gorgeous ready-made one.

#ontheloom by @hellohydrangea

Photo courtesy of @hellohydrangea


Who doesn’t love seeing a work in progress and the hashtag #ontheloom is great to see what people are working on and what methods they are using. From portable looms being used by the sea to full size looms creating huge blankets find out what other weavers around the world are working on.

#fibreart by @madeweavelove

Photo courtesy of @madeweavelove


While the hashtag #fibreart (or the US version #fiberart) isn’t solely for weavers, it’s packed full of artists creating a wide variety of textiles which can inspire your next project. Also take a look at #wovenart and #diywovenart for more fibre-based inspiration.

#modernwovenartby @oliveandtheboy

Photo courtesy of @oliveandtheboy


With so many crafters taking up weaving with more portable looms available, the age-old craft has been given a real contemporary twist. The hashtags #modernweaving and #modernwovenart are the perfect to way people taking classic techniques, but bringing them bang up to date with their use of yarns and placement of fibres.

#weaveweird by @ashtonagerfiberart

Photo courtesy of @ashtonagerfiberart


The hashtag #weaveweird is very popular with the weaving community on Instagram and is a great way to find other weavers across the globe. This is a tag for weavers who don’t always follow the norm and prefer their weaving to have a more organic feel with stunning results. Weird is always better, isn’t it!

#rigidheddleloom by @knitbugval

Photo courtesy of @knitbugval


A rigid heddle loom is the perfect introduction to hand weaving without spending much money. The hashtag #rigidheddleloom shows how other weavers are using their looms to weave scarves, shawls or fabric for clothing and give you tips on what to do with your own and grow your weaving skills.

#getyourweaveon by @crossingthreads

Photo courtesy of @crossingthreads


If you’re looking for fun multi-textured wall art, the Missy Elliot inspired hashtag #getyourweaveon is fantastic for unique and modern makes.

#woventapestry by @loomandthistle

Photo courtesy of @loomandthistle


If you like your stitches neat, check out the hashtag #tapestryweaving for makers using traditional weft-faced weaving to create stunning tapestries of all shapes and sizes. For slightly more freestyle makes check out #woventapestry too.

#ihavethisthingwithtextiles by @hiptipico

Photo courtesy of @hiptipico


#ihavethisthingwithtextiles is a gorgeous hashtag packed full with woven textiles you’ll be lusting after. Amongst all the fabric goodness you’ll find woven hangings and cushions, plus check out #ihavethisthingwithtexture for some truly squeezable weaves.

#weaversofinstagram by @woven_together

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