Hashtags round up: Photo challenges

If you want to inject some positivity into your life or fire up your imagination, photo-a-day hashtags are a great way to get involved and inspired.

Posting a photo seven days a week may be overwhelming for some, but if you’re too busy to take 365 photos never fear. With our top five photo hashtags you can either dip in and out or use it as a focus on improving your photography skills. It doesn’t matter if you have a top of the range DSLR or your trusty iPhone, there’s no excuse not to get snapping away…

#natureinthehome by @c_colli

Image: @c_colli


Lou Archell who runs Little Green Shed and Sisterhood Camp admits the success of her hashtag, which hopes to inspire makers to take a closer look at nature and include it their crafts, came as a complete surprise. “I started Nature In The Home on my blog  five years ago,” she explains. “Then I fell in love with Instagram and decided to move it over. The hashtag now has over 19,000 images with people joining in from all over the world, which is wonderful.”

Toby I Like Cats #yayeveryday2016


Illustrator Toby Dean set himself the challenge of doing a daily drawing using the hashtag #tobydrawscats365 last year. It went so well he decided to help inspire other illustrators too. “Doing the daily drawings became a highlight of each day and a time when I could put all my attention into being creative. It also let me get all of my weird ideas out of my head!” he laughs. “The feeling that I had at the end of the year when I hadn’t missed a single day was fantastic, plus I had over ten sketchbooks full of drawings and paintings. I wanted to spread this creative energy so I set up #yayeveryday2016 for everyone to join in! I’ve got some wonderful artist collaborations coming up and I’ve discovered some wonderful artists too.”

A Playful Day - The Makers Year

Image: @aplayfulday


Created by A Playful Day blogger Kate O’Sullivan, The Maker’s Year is a creativity and sustainable living challenge with a seasonal focus. You can join by sharing your projects and what making means to you. “The Makers Year began from a yearning for more reflective time to focus on my own daily making habits as well as carving out time to increase my craft skills in a way that nurtures our planet,” explains Kate. “It’s a hashtag for makers to share ideas that make every day creativity achievable.”

Pink wall by @creativekipi for #ABMlifeiscolorful

Image: @creativekipi


One of the best-known and most beautiful craft and lifestyle blogs around, A Beautiful Mess has started an equally stunning hashtag designed to inspire you to add more colour to your life. Don’t forget the US spelling of colour and also add #abeautifulmess to your posts for added exposure. Plus, you can also follow #ABMlifeissweet for pictures of colourful treats and desserts, #ABMtravelbug for travel photos and #ABMathome for home décor.

Keep an eye out for these creative photo hashtags too…

#100happydays by @fauxpas.la

Image: @fauxpas.la


Dmitry Golunbnichy set out to capture all the small things in his life that gave him joy and asked the Internet to join him!

#colorcolourlovers by @elizabethpawle

Image: @elizabethpawle


Created by photographer and filmmaker Xanthe Berkley, this hashtag asks you to embrace bright colours and has a handy week-by-week theme.

#littlestoriesofmylife by @beevintageredux

Image: @beevintageredux


Small doesn’t mean insignificant and this hashtag created by A Circle Of Pines blogger Laura encourages you to share the tiny elements of your life that make you happy or tell a story.

#mymonthodsundays by @zuccaviolina

Image: @zuccaviolina


Me and Orla blogger Sara Tasker believes in slow living and not stressing about the silly stuffy. Your post can be anything from enjoying lunch to crafting in your studio and you only have to do it once a week.


Taking part in photo challenges we’ve not mentioned or want to tell us about one you’ve started? Show and tell using #molliemakes.

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