Lessons to apply to your photography today

Want to improve your photography but don’t know where to start? Even the best shots can be tweaked by applying some simple photographic secrets. Here are seven tips that are guaranteed to get your snaps up to scratch.

1. Pair big and small blooms together

When it comes to flowers we’re spoilt for choice. In summer, gather large blooms such as peonies and delicate flowers such as sweet peas together in posies. Display them in mismatched jam jars, glasses and jugs for an informal look. Winter combos such as ranunculus, scabiosa, and dahlias in deep purples and reds work well, too.

2. Try a longer zoom setting

You’ll have to step a little further away to take this shot. Give your subjects’ faces a more natural perspective and flatlays room to ‘breathe’. It also makes it easier to cut out cluttered backgrounds. But check that your shots aren’t blurry as longer zoom settings will increase the risk of camera shake.

3. Mismatch

Mix and match fabrics that complement your colour theme for a thrifted, thrown-together look. Mismatched crockery is an easy way to make a gathering feel a little more informal. While mixed dinnerware in a combination of textures and glazes creates a beautiful rustic look.

4. Get down low

Photographing objects while standing over them can make them look pretty, but not especially striking. Think about the angle we usually see the object then experiment by doing the opposite. Sometimes to get really interesting shots you need to get down low – prepare to get those knees dirty.

5. Trust the power of three

A limited palette of three colours makes for an effortlessly co-ordinated look. We’re keen on neon pink and mint with a pop of lemon yellow. The exception? Gold, for a touch of luxe, plus it goes with everything.

6. Hope for a cloudy day

The best time to shoot flowers is on a cloudy or overcast day, as the sunlight is naturally defused and shadows won’t be sharp. If you must shoot on a sunny day, try to do it very early in the morning or late in the evening.

7. Party on!

Taking the pictures at a party? Bust out the selfie stick – all the millennials are doing it.

Indi Maverick

Featured illustration by Indi Maverick. society6.com/indimaverick

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