Oops! Corrections for Mollie Makes issue 21

Mollie Makes issue 21

We’d like to make corrections to the Holly Becker interview and the owl wrist warmers in the latest issue of Mollie Makes…

We’re very sorry to say that our interview with the lovely Holly Becker (page 30, Mollie Makes issue 21) mentioned the wrong web address in the introduction. Her website is, of course, decor8blog.com.

Meanwhile, we didn’t mention the yardage for the owl wrist warmer project (page 26, Mollie Makes issue 21). You’ll need about 100 yards of yarn, although this can vary depending on your tension. Also, the left hand wrist warmer instructions are available below:

Left hand wrist warmer

-Follow instruction for Right hand wrist warmer until Round 21
Round 22: P10, k11, inc 1, k to end.
-Follow instructions for Right hand wrist warmer until Round 26
Round 27: P1, slip 2 sts to CN and hold in back, k2, k2 from CN, slip 2 sts to CN and hold in front, k2, k2 from CN, p1, k12, inc 1, k to end.
-Follow instructions for Right hand wrist warmer until Round 30
Round 31: P1, k8, p1, k13, inc 1, k to end.
-Follow instructions for Right hand wrist warmer until Round 35
Round 36: P1, slip 2 sts to CN and hold in back, k2, k2 from CN, slip 2 sts to CN and hold in front, k2, k2 from CN, p1, k8, slip 6 sts to a stitch holder (you’ll need them later for knitting the thumb), cast on an additional 3 sts onto the second DPN, k to end.
-Follow instructions for Right hand wrist warmer until Round 41
Round 42: P1, slip 1 st to CN and hold in back, k1, p1 from CN, p4, slip 1 st to CN and hold in front, p1, k1 from CN, p1, k14.
-Follow instructions for Right hand wrist warmer until End


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Love, Mollie Makes xx




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  • alison neal

    hi there – have sent a message via facebook aswell – need help on the owl wrist warmers please – how do I knit the left one – printed instructions just say “reverse” How ? where from ? have asked the lady in a local knitting shop and whilst she offered some suggestions said the instructions were unclear
    Really want to get this finished as a christmas present for my niece

    Many thanks Alison

  • knitter

    Hi, I too am really struggling with the reverse instructions. I need to make 3 pairs of these before Christmas and urgently need to know how to reverse the cable instructions Round27: p1, slip 2sts to CN and hold in back, k2, k2 from CN, slip 2 sts to CN and hold in front, k2, k2 from CN, p1, k4 inc1, k11. How do you reverse cable instructions? Also Round 36 and Round 41 and Round 42. It would have been really useful for the reversing directions to have been printed out. I too am knitting for nieces. My mother who has been knitting for 70 years has been unable to help with this set of instructions. I am not quite sure how this project is quote ‘good for beginners’! Please can anyone advise as soon as poss.

    Many thanks


    • JDunkerley

      Hi Knitter,
      I’m having trouble too and have posted twice to Mollie Makes. Have you knitted the right glove successfully? Mine did not look like the picture – the owls ears were missing and the purl looked odd at the top
      Just curious to see if yours turned out correctly?

  • JDunkerley

    I asked a question about the owl wrist warmers a few days ago. When can I expect a reply? – My post has disappeared – yesterday it said that the reply was being mediated and now nothing. I have knitted the right one and it does not look like the picture – the owls ears are missing.
    I also have the same problem as Alison. It’s not clear enough simply to say ‘reverse directions’.
    Thanks so much and like Alison I am anxious to get these finished as a Christmas gift.

  • knitter

    hi, I don’t think mine has turned out quite
    right, the ears, don’t look right, but I thought it was just because I had gone wrong, obviously not!
    Patterns should be tested before they go in magazines, to see if they work, surely Mollie makes can ask the person who wrote the article to sort out the problems we are having? too late to put it in the next magazine which I don’t being buying.
    Let us hope we have an answer soon,I am having a go at sorting it out myself but until I have finished not quite sure whether it will be correct.
    Let’s hope we hear from someone soon as we all want to finish before Christmas,

  • alison neal

    Hi everyone – glad its not just me ! my right wrist warmer is good and looks like the picture -
    I have managed to contact someone at Mollie Makes via email (used google etc to try and get contact as no-one seemed to be answering -have also contact the lady who’s pattern it is via Etsy.
    Email back from Mollie saying they are working on a reverse pattern and will post asap
    Reply from Etsy – will try to help
    Once I get an answer from either source will post back
    Like everyone else frustrated that it say sfor beginners then just says “reverse”
    There is a hint on the facebook page that says cast of the six stiches for the thumb (i think this is where the only difference is) on the third needle
    Keep knitting

  • alison neal

    Hi Alison,

    Basically for the left hand mitten you will need to change 4 rounds: Round 22, 27, 31 and 36.

    So left hand:
    Round 22: p10, K11, inc 1, K3
    Round 27: 1 p1, slip 2 sts to cn and hold in back, K2, K2 from cn, slip 2 sts to cn and hold in front, K2, K2 from cn, p1, K11, inc 1, K4
    Round 31: p1, K8, p1, K11, inc 1, K5
    Round 36: p1, slip 2 sts to cn and hold in back, K2, K2 from cn, slip 2 sts to cn and hold in front, K2, K2 from cn, p1, K6 (on the second dpn), K2 (on the third dpn) , cast on an addition 3 sts onto the third dpn, slip 6 sts to a holder or a wate of yarn (you will need them after for knitting a thumb), K3

    Hope I wrote it correctly down :)
    Please let me know if you will need any help!

    Happy knitting!


    • JDunkerley

      Thank you all!

  • JDunkerley

    Hello Everyone
    I have finished the right wrist warmer and have now started the left. Has anyone finished theirs using the new instructions? Did they turn out ok?’

    • Dids

      Just going out to buy my wool, have printed out Tanya’s instructions for the left hand warmer and will give it a bash later on.
      Anyone finished yet?

  • nettyoung

    I had 3 attempts at knitting the design and it just didn’t look right. When searching for an alternative I came across another version at blog.alpacadirect.com/2011/09/project-tutorial-owl-study-gloves.html. It still didn’t knit right but had the instructions for the reverse. I worked it by using the instructions for the owl mug cosy pattern over the p2,k8,p2. I lined this up on the reverse and the pattern worked great and looked just like the photo. I hope this helps

  • alison neal

    Hi everyone I made two pairs of these using the reverse instructions i posted and they were great.

    • JDunkerley

      Me too!
      All’s well that ends well!
      Happy knitting Year to all!

  • gypsylady

    Many thanks to Tanya for posting the pattern for the left mitten! I just finished the right and it is adorable, but was afraid I wouldn’t have a matching left! The mitten did come out like the picture, just a tad smaller then I would have liked. A easy fix! This was my first try at making a cable and it was fun and easy! I see more of these mittens in my future. A great way to use up some of that left over yarn! I adore this magazine and get it on my Kindle Fire. It looks great on the kindle and I love that I can print the templates out here.

  • Lani

    Hi – it’s winter in NZ and I recently bought an electronic copy of Mollie Makes issue 21 – basically for the pattern for the gloves on the front cover. I am an okish knitter but new to cables and really struggled with the “reverse instructions for the left glove”.

    Is it possible to have the instructions for the left hand glove listed here in the errors section or even just the instructions for rows that contain cables – 22, 27, 31, 36. 41 and 42. I have found 36, 41, and 42 complicated to reverse and I am obviously not the only one.

    Please help.