How to make crochet envelopes

crochet envelopes

Keep your special letters and stationery safe inside these crochet envelopescrochet envelopes

Crochet your own envelopes for a place to store and cherish important cards, letters, notes and keepsakes. Please note: US crochet terms used throughout.


• Worsted yarn

• Crochet hook size UK 5mm (US H8)

• Scissors

• Tapestry needle

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Step one

crochet envelopes

Crochet the first rectangle for the envelope body. Ch 26 Row 1: Dc in the third chain from the hook. Dc in each stitch across. 24 stitches. Ch 2. Turn. Row 2 – 10: Repeat Row 1 for the next 9 rows. Bind off.


Step two

crochet envelopes

Repeat step one and make a second crochet rectangle for the envelope.


Step three 

crochet envelopes

Make the envelope flap. Ch 26. Row 1: Dc in the third chain from the hook. Dc across. 24 stitches. Ch 2. Turn. Row 2: Dc 2 stitches together (dc2tog), repeat two more times, 12 dc, dc2tog, repeat two more times. 18 stitches. Ch 2. Turn.

Step four

crochet envelopes

Row 3: Dc2tog, repeat two times, 6 dc, dc2tog, repeat two times. 12 stitches. Ch 2. Turn. Row 4: Dc2tog, repeat across. 6 stitches. Ch 2. Turn. Row 5: Dc2tog, repeat across. 3 stitches. Ch 2. Turn. Row 6: Dc the next three stitches together.

Bind off.


Step five

crochet envelopes

Sew the envelope flap to the top of one of the envelope body pieces.


Step six

crochet envelopes

Sew the second envelope body piece to the top of the first envelope piece. Leave the top open. Weave in all ends.

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