Halloween books: Evil knits and spooky sews


In this month’s issue of Mollie Makes we’ve only gone and assembled some Halloween books on creepy crafts. So get your needles clicking with these books, showing you how to make all the things that go bump in the night. Read bite-sized reviews below for ogres and sprites alike.


Evil Knits

These knitted critters are as spooky as a graveyard in October – knit yourself avoodoo doll, creepy clown or the frankly terrifying cymbal-clashing monkey. Author Hannah Simpson is a horror and sci-fi fan. bloomsbury.com








Knit Your Own Zombie

Famous for her knitted Royal family, Fiona Goble has gone to the dark side with these undersized undead, including velcroed garments, entrails, rats and limbs that can be ripped off and swapped between zombies. ivypress.co.uk










The super-cute pink moon-dwellers first appeared on TV screens in 1969, but now you can make your own, as well as their chums the Soup Dragon and Iron Chicken. anovabooks.com