How to make a noticeboard

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack… we’ve got a memo coming in. Yep, it says that vintage typewriters are amazing and you should ’stitch one on a memo board for your studio space at work or home. Who are we to argue, eh?

You’ll need

• 28 count white evenweave, 60x60cm
• Grosgrain ribbon, 140cm
• Wadding
• Square wooden frame
• White mount board
• Staple gun

To ’stitch the typewriter

Access the vintage-style typewriter cross-stitch pattern

To make the noticeboard

Step 1 Starting with a basic square frame, cut a piece of mount card to exactly the same size as the outside edges. Attach it to the front using double-sided tape. This will create a flat surface.

Step 2 Cut two pieces of wadding to the same size as the front of your frame and attach using double-side tape. Trim your stitching so that you have enough excess to wrap around your frame.

Step 3 Stretch your fabric tightly around to the back of your frame, securing with double-sided tape. Take care to fold the fabric neatly at each of the corners.

Step 4 Staple the fabric using a staple gun to keep it taut. Trim away any excess fabric. Secure any fabric edges with masking tape. Attach your grosgrain ribbon, securing on the back with a few staples.This tutorial originally appeared in issue 248 of Cross Stitcher magazine, available to buy online now. For patterns, projects and more, visit The Making Spot.