Make a fabric-covered necklace

Brighten up your beads with a little fabric and thread. MyCakies‘ Rubyellen Bratcher shows us how to do it

You need

Fabric, a beaded necklace, some thread and a pair of scissors

Step 1 Cut a strip of fabric three times the width of your beads then add six inches to the length of the necklace.

Step 2 Fold the right sides together and sew a straight line a quarter of an inch from the fabric edge

Step 3 Turn the fabric inside out.

Step 4 Insert the beaded necklace into the fabric

Step 5 With about six inches of thread, tightly double-knot between the crevices of each bead. Don’t forget to leave the ends open and cut away any excess fabric from the ends. Next you need to cut the excess thread from each crevice.

Step 6 Using another piece of fabric (the colour can match the rest of the necklace, or not, it’s completely up to you), cut three small strips and tie onto the necklace a little off-centre.

And you’re finished! Now it’s time to wear your new necklace with pride!

Many thanks to Rubyellen for the tutorial.

Images © MyCakies