Mollie Makes visits: the Real exhibition


Real is the world’s physical network. Instead of digitally updating followers and friends of daily antics, its participants pop mementos in an envelope and post it to their plot at Real. We decided to pay the London-based project a little visit to find out more

There’s no doubt that social-networking sites are amazing for keeping in touch with everyone and everything; however, they will never replace the physical. The feeling of flicking through a photo album, finding an old cinema ticket in a vintage bag, or getting letters (that aren’t bills, natch) through the post.

Real hoped to capture these feelings in its exhibition: “We’re here to celebrate the real things; the things you can touch, smell and taste.”

Real’s Physical Network started back in June and has produced some fantastically interesting results from its participants since launch. People from far and wide have sent their ephemera and random keepsakes in to their plots – including Mollie Makes‘ very own Lara Watson!

Pictured above Lara’s collection of temporary treasures

What’s more, since many of Mollie Makes‘ values match those of Real‘s, the organisers very kindly invited us to submit a quote for its exhibition wall.

Pictured above Acting Ed Lara (left) and Digital Ed Sarah posing next to Mollie Makes‘ quote at Real

If all this has inspired you to get involved, plots are still available! Submit your request online to get started. To find out more about the exhibition’s new location and opening times, check out Real‘s website.

Pictured above Real plots by illustrator Philipa Rice (left) and Folksy‘s Emily Barnes (right)