Nikki McWilliams’ custard cream keyring is a sweet treat

Q&A with Nikki McWilliams

We’re loving all the custard cream keyrings you’ve been creating from issue 82, you clever cookies! We caught up with Nikki McWilliams, designer of our cover gift, to find out more.

Nikki created her original custard cream cushion in 2010 and has turned it into everything from a mirror, to tape, to a pencil case since. Now she’s reimagined it as a cute keyring for Mollie Makes. The gift has really captured your imaginations, with loads of you posting your makes on social media and showing us lots of biscuity love. Over to Nikki…

Hi Nikki! How does it feel to see your custard cream keyring getting so much love on Insta?

It’s incredible to see so many people taking the time to make their custard cream keyring and post it on Instagram. I think the best part is seeing people chatting about making theirs – it’s like we’ve created a mini custard cream craft community!

What inspired you to first create your custard cream cushion?

I made my first piece of custard cream art when I was studying Fine Art in 2007. It was a miniature quilt with some text stitched onto it, so a bit abstract. It was inspired by the snacks I had at break time. It wasn’t until I started screen printing a few years later that I turned my idea into a cushion!

Nikki McWilliam's custard cream keyring kit

Why do you think the design appeals so much to people?

I think it’s because biscuits conjure a lot of nostalgia and comfort for us. When I started making the cushions I thought I’d be the only person in the world who’d want a giant biscuit on my couch, but it turns out I was wrong! It’s lovely to have discovered so many like-minded people along the way.

You’ve said you’ll be clipping the keyring to your fave yellow backpack. Have you got any creative ideas for how people can use their keyring?

I can’t take credit for this idea, but @joy.margot on Instagram made hers into a genius little pin cushion that you can wear on your wrist whilst crafting.

What’s next for you? Any top-secret projects you can tell us about?

I’ve just had the samples back for a new line of biscuit achievement patches. They should be in store in around three weeks. Hoorah!

Photos courtesy of Melanie Lewis, @emmakesandbakes, @twocraftybrownies, @dannipinksprinkles

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  • Joy.Margot

    Yay, thanks for the mention Nikki! My wrist pin cushion has come in super handy for crafting on the train 🙂