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Often, it’s the simplest idea that’s most effective, so grab your unwanted sweaters, hair accessories and tote bags and take a li’l look at some of our favourite free craft projects

1. It’s the month of rain: April showers, but don’t despair! Upcycle your winter knits and turn ‘em into lovely cloud pillows. See Making Nice in the Midwest for the step-by-step. 2. Too soon to cut up your knits? Snipping up your old party dress makes a pretty sequin cushion. My Sister’s Suitcase has just the how-to. 3. Prettify a plain tote with this simple DIY Painted Tote by Whimsey Box. 4.  If, like us, you have a craft room full of vintage fabric, then this Easter tute is the perfect excuse to shift it. The Merry Thought makes bunny ears from a hairband, pipecleaner and vintage fabric.

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