Show us your hoop guts!

We’re calling for #hoopguts submissions on social media. Send in pictures of the back of your embroidery work and get it featured on the Mollie Makes blog. Find out more about the hashtag and how to submit your pictures…

That’s right, we’d like to see your hoop butts, or guts as they’re commonly referred to on Instagram. Why the back of your embroidery? We’ve always appreciated the unpolished, raw charm the back of embroidery work reveals and we’d like to celebrate the unplanned, creative mess of hoop guts!

So flip round your embroidered wall art, dig out your unfinished hoop designs and send in your #hoopguts pictures via social media. Don’t forget to tag us, too so we can see them! The best ones will be added to this post every week. Have fun! Featured image is the Mollie Makes 69 flamingo cover star by Senorita Lylo

Take a look at #hoopguts examples below!

Hoop gut on Instagram - stitching by @molliemakesby The Kitschy Stitcher for Mollie Makes 68

Hoop gut on Instagram - stitching by @rehabbedhandmadeby @rehabbedhandmade

Hoop gut on Instagram - stitching by @makingjiggyby @makingjiggy

Hoop gut on Instagram - stitching by @sewcdby @sewcd

Can’t wait to see your submissions,
Team Mollie xx

Edited to add #hoopguts submissions…

Because I can't resist an opportunity to show off the #hoopguts !!! #worldembroideryday

A photo posted by nichole vogelsinger • wildboho (@wildboho) on

#hoopguts #handembroidery #broderiemain #bordadoamano #bordadoamao #molliemakes #modernmakers

A photo posted by Adriana Torres (@soymigadepan) on

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