10 businesses named after family members

Choosing a name for a business is tricky – it’s got to be catchy, memorable and sum up ‘you’ too. We searched the web for crafty companies who took family names as the ultimate personal inspo. Find out how this line-up of crafty businesses came up with their shop names.

So you’re looking for a business name. How about naming it after Nan, or combining your name with your partner’s like celebrity power couples? If all else fails use our trusty craft business name game: take your favourite colour and find the quirky paint name for it, use one word from the colour name, add your craft of choice and the name of the street you grew up on (or a family member’s name). Shuffle them round until they make no sense! So, Dayroom Crochet Orange or Henrietta Embroidery Villa. Huzzah, it works! Now you try.

10 businesses named after family - Choosing a creative business name

1. Flossie Limejuice

Shelagh called her business “Flossie Limejuice” after her mother-in-law’s nickname for her grandson’s toy rabbit. Aww!


Image © Flossie Limejuice

2. Anais & Aiyla

Mish named her business after her daughters Zoie Amelia Anais and Emilie Aiyla Aeon. She says: “When we moved back to the UK from the Cayman Islands, one way I found to help them adjust to their new (very cold) surroundings was to crochet for them.”

Anais & Aiyla crochet blanket

Image © Anais & Aiyla

3. Bobostitch

Cross stitch queen Hannah Sturrock named Bobostitch after her son’s mispronunciation of his sister “Baby Olive”‘s name. “She was born around the same time,” says Hannah. “The name is a constant reminder for me that the business is totally intertwined with our family life.”

Pink Peeping Ted nursery cushion cross stitch kit

Image © Bobostitch

4. Lily & Val

Owner Valerie McKeehan says: “Lily is a nod to my mother. We both share a love of flowers, in particular, stargazer lilies!”

Lily & Val chalk letter necklace

Image source: Lily & Val

5. Mingo & Grace

Designer Farrah Gee named her children’s clothing brand after her little twins’ middle names.


Image © Mingo & Grace

6. Kit and Nancy

Maker Laura named her business after her grandmas: Kit and Nancy.

Kit & Nancy blondie recipe

Image © Kit & Nancy

7. Bob & John Knitwear

Jonie Worton’s knitwear company is named after her equally hands-on grandfathers, engineer John and builder Edgar – known as Bob.

Bob and John knits

Image © Bob & John Knitwear

8. Clarise Crafts

Alyssa borrowed her business name from her mother Denise, who set up a jewellery business with her friend Claire under the name “Clarise”,  merging the two friends’ names. Alyssa says: “I do get called Clarise but I see it as my crafty alter-ego!”

Clarise Crafts wedding stationery copy

Image © Clarise Crafts

9. Holly and Evie

Let’s not forget the most important family members of all! Lucy Vernon named her knitwear company after her first dog Holly, and her current pooch, Evie.

Holly and Evie knitted blankets and cushions

Image © Holly and Evie

10. Lily & Dot

Aussie “vintage whimsy” store Lily & Dot was named after two very creative grandmas.

Lily and Dot

Image © Lily & Dot 

Named your business after loved ones too? Leave your business name and link in the comments below and tell us why you chose the name.

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