10 ideas for a crafty Galentine’s Day celebration

10 ideas for a Galentine’s Day celebration

Prosecco. Crafts. Girlfriends… it’s safe to say we are pretty pink-fluffy-heart excited about Galentine’s Day – an occasion to celebrate your female friends.

It falls on 13th February and is a wondrous invention by Leslie Knope, fictional star of Parks and Recreation, one of our favourite sitcoms. Why reserve Valentine’s only for romantic love? We can think of nothing better than a celebration with our girlfriends.

We got together with Seeds and Stitches and came up with our top 10 ideas for a Galentine’s Day celebration. It could just be you with your grandma, your sister, best mate or 20 of your finest gal pals, and could be at any point in Feb. It’s just good to get the gals together.

10 ideas for a crafty Galentine's Day celebration — try craft projects like crocheting biscuits for your Galentine's Day celebration

10 ideas to throw a Galentine’s Day celebration

1. Give your celebration a craft theme, but keep it simple so it suits all abilities. You could provide a tutorial and materials and have everyone make the same project (with their own spin on it). How about making crochet bunny bunting, paper flowers, crochet biscuits or a mug cosy?

10 ideas for a crafty Galentine's Day celebration — make invites for the occasion

2. Invite your pals along with some homemade invites, like these ones from Emilie Maguin. They’ll want to tape them to their mirror for the rest of the year.

3. Drink something delicious but simple — you don’t want to be busy faffing when you could be hanging out with your pals. Prosecco Royales are a good choice because they’re deceptively simple. Just add a dash of Creme De Cassis and lemon juice to the bottom of your glass, then top up with prosecco. Easy!

10 ideas for a crafty Galentine's Day celebration — gingerbread mug biscuits recipe from Mollie Makes

4. If your mates are more of the caffeine loving/addicted kind, then treat them to these sweet edible mug markers. Use this tutorial but pipe a love heart instead.

5. According to Leslie, you should eat pancakes and only pancakes. That sounds pretty good to us but we’re straying a little from tradition to serve a first course of shakshuka, a simple baked egg recipe. We’re also going to add strawberries to our mix and go for pink pancakes, like this.

10 ideas for a crafty Galentine's Day celebration — create fabric envelope bunting for Galentine's Day

6. Sew up some love-themed envelope bunting and hang it on a wall to greet your pals, or create a hexie fabric garland that can last all year round.

7. You can also cut out love heart shapes and use them for place settings. Use rubber stamp letters to make people’s names, or write them with a marker in your fanciest hand lettering.

10 ideas for a crafty Galentine's Day celebration — create naturally dyed napkins with this tutorial

8. Why use standard napkins when you can make you own? Create colourful hand dyed napkins for the occasion and wow your mates with your skills. You can use our tutorial for naturally dyed napkins to keep it eco friendly.

9. Listen to catchy music by female artists as the soundtrack to your night.

10. A cake will always go down a treat. This chocolate and cherry marble cake looks great and has festive pops of red, or you could go for these red velvet cupcakes.

We hope we’ve inspired you to show a little love for your pals this Galentine’s Day. Hands up who’s hosting a celebration?

You can read more from Hannah over at seedsandstitches.com and get more inspo from Mollie Makes Galentine’s Day celebration board on Pinterest.

First photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash