12 clues you’re entering the home of a Crafty Mum

A crafty mum’s home is her creative castle. The boy on his BMX delivering the IKEA catalogue might as well keep pedalling past her house, because handmade homeware and her kids’ potato prints will always be her preference over a flat-pack and nasty framed New York skyline. Not sure what a crafty mum’s home is like exactly? Here are 12 sure-fire signs you’re entering the home of a crafty mum…

1. The kitchen table looks like Hobbycraft threw up all over it. Just a slight lean on it leaves you covered in so much glitter and glue.

2. Her kids’ artwork adorns every available surface. Painted handprints, bits of leftover Christmas tinsel, dip-dyed bog roll – all sit proudly in frames throughout the house and could put CBeebies’ Mister Maker to shame.


3. Actually, her fridge door looks a lot like this…

4. A library of well-thumbed crafty magazines overflows from the newspaper rack. In fact, her living room wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of The Hoarder Next Door

5. The TV is off. She’s no telly-Nazi, and will admit to indulging in a bit of Kirstie and Sewing Bee herself, but her children are most likely elsewhere, elbow-deep in papier måché and tissue paper. Peppa Pig is on though, like any mum, for those all-important tea-breaks.

6. The spare room looks more like the stockroom of Fabric Land than a space to sleep in. There is gingham in every colour, yarn of every shade and enough haberdashery to keep Abakhan in business.

7. Cordial drinks in fluorescent shades that don’t exist in Mother Nature’s colour palette will not be found in this house. Instead her kids sip delicious, freshly-squeezed lemonade from upcycled jam jars, as they scoff even tastier homemade cookies just out of the oven. Lucky blighters…

8. Her house smells – of lovely stuff! The homemade potpourri sitting on the loo cistern, handmade soap by the sink and hessian lavender hearts she has hanging in each bedroom, all make her home more fragrant than the perfume counter at Boots.

9. The recycling bin is empty. Nothing is wasted in Crafty Mum’s home. Orange juice carton? A handy portable miniature doll’s house. That loo roll tube? A Nasa Saturn V rocket replica, of course!

10. Washing labels and brand names are nowhere to be found on her children’s clothes. Those cool kids are rocking homespun patchwork ponchos, nautical knitted sweaters, applique dungarees – the works. Rest-assured, Primark, H&M and Matalan are dirty words in this house…

11. She herself looks like she’s just stepped out of the pages of a Cath Kidston catalogue. She unpretentiously pulls off mammoth crochet corsages, frilly half-aprons and embellished ballet slippers. You’d hate her for looking so effortlessly stylish, but she’s just SO damn nice!

12. Her home is full of crafty love. Everything in her house, from the driftwood she collected on a family day trip to the beach (now a doorstop), to the discarded dirty boot she wrestled off her kid in the street (currently a planter), has sentiment about it. Enter the home of a crafty mum and you might never want to leave…

Featured image: mericherry.com

Zeena Moolla
Blog: Word To The Mothers – zeenamoolla.wordpress.com