12 things only sewists will understand

Nothing’s more satisfying than making something yourself, and who cares if you still don’t understand how to use the overlocker. We say if your clothes are constantly covered in pins and thread then you’re wearing your passion on your sleeve (literally)…

Has this happened to you? Check out our oh-so-true posts below and add your own in the comments below.

1. If fabric told the truth….


Image source: mellysews.com

This is what all fabric stashes look like, right? Neat, tidy, colour-coordinated. No one else needs to know your secret shopping shame…

2. There’s only so much time in the world…


Image source: Yellow Bug Boutique

We have so many sewing dreams yet we never seem to get anything actually finished. Still, that 300-piece heirloom quilt will deffo be done by Christmas.

3. Procrastination is part of the process


Image source: sizzix.com

What’s that we were saying? Tidy felt into a beautiful ombre stack? Colour-code cotton reels? Ooh, that’s where the seam ripper went…

4. Craft store rage


Image source: Flickr.com


When the customer in front wants 1o different fat quarters, coordinating bias binding and three buttons.

5. Craft room judginess


Image source: craftaholicsanonymous.net

YES those drawers are full, YES so is that suitcase and the bin bag under the bed. But it’s all essential…

6. Technique judginess

mollie-sewist-measuretwiceImage source: seekatesew.bigcartel.com

Hey, I’m a sewing free spirit. I’ve got the eye. I don’t need to measure anything, I can just look and cut and it’s more or less right…

7. Helpful kitties


Image source: Instagram 

This is why it’s so hard to get anything done.


8. Helpful kitties II


Image source: boredomtherapy.com

Never leave your sewing machine alone for a moment…

9. When sewing goes too far…


Image source: barkpost.com

What could be cuter than a dog wearing a sewing-themed costume? Come on, the cat wasn’t going to put up with it…


10. When sewing goes too far II


Image source: Etsy.com

If you’re sewing so much you need to make yourself a wrist brace, then it might be time to take a break…

11. Could you just sew my button on?


Image source: Pinterest

I love you, but no, you can sew your own button on. I’ve got this 300-piece heirloom quilt to finish…

12. When patterns get the better of you


Image source: andreasnotebook.com

To notch or not to notch? These vintage pattern ladies know better than you…


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