14 things only knitters will understand

Knitting needle bobby pin

Not into knitting swatches? You’re not alone, most knitters don’t. Few read a pattern all the way through before casting on or block their work. And there’s no doubt you’ve left the house with a yarn tail. Plenty more things only knitters will get in the list below. Does this happen to you? Share your knitting funnies in the comments below, we’d love to hear.

1. Where did I put that needle?

Knitting needle bobby pinImage source: suskandbanoo.com via fringeassociation.com

2. As good a time as any to cast off, right?

Vintage bride knitting on her wedding day Image via Pinterest

3. This place is too small for the both of us.

Interpretation: this is now my yarn stash #yarnstash #kittylove #customcrochet #babybybecca

A video posted by Rebecca Monroe (@babybybecca) on

4. The knitter’s necklace.

Circular knitting needles - the knitters necklace
Image source: Aliex Press

5. RUN, kid!

#unimpressed #knittingproblems #knitting #wool #sonintrouble #craft #yarn

A photo posted by Not your Nanas Knitting. (@thenonnanaknitter) on

6. The kind of tattoo Nanna wouldn’t mind.

knitting tattoo Image via poppygall.com

7. Unfinished busi-knits.

Knitting this sock is making me exhausted #knitted #knitting #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #knittedsock

A photo posted by linneea92 (@linneea92) on

#knitting #knitsocks #knittingwip #cascadeyarn #toeup #toeupsocks

A photo posted by Kathryn (@terrierpadawan) on

8. If you knit you’re doing your bit.

Bird nest helper yarn tail ends Image source: handsoccupied.com

9. Some patterns leave you swivel-eyed.

10. The reason most knitters have WIPs.

12. Ooh, this is cosy!

"Mom, is this for ME?!" #catstagram #notstaged @shibuiknits #Mix35

A photo posted by Amanda Davidson (@amandaadavidson) on

13. #Selfishknitting.

✋ ❤️ Knit for yourself as it's #selfishknittingmonth #woolandthegang

A photo posted by WATG (@woolandthegang) on

14. Still looking? See no.1 or check your WIPs ; )

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