15 things only crafters can identify with

Yarnists, sewists, stitchers and papercrafters; these are the standard terms us crafty people use to distinguish each other. But if there’s one thing we all are it’s practical, right? Yeah, so we get carried away at supplies store and we get a little distracted by new projects, but that’s what being a crafter is: we’re creative, inspired, maybe a little scatty – we love it!

We each have our weaknesses, ours happens to be yarn, neon pink, Instagram, pineapples, confetti, wrapping paper, pom poms, garlands, Pinterest, glitter-dipped toys, stationery, crochet, fabrics… What’s yours?

Inspired by our Good Read in Mollie Makes 41, An Ode To Craft Obsession (have you read it?), we’ve put together 15 tongue-in-cheek things that diehard crafters can relate to. If you’d like to add something to the list, tweet us or leave your suggestion in the comments below.

1. You’ve been banned from buying yarn, again!

He underestimates you.

How to make tshirt yarn

2. No sweat: you come prepared.

Cracked ours open already.

Crochet emergency yarn stash

Via Pinterest

3. You’ve got a secret stash of pipe cleaners ready for the comeback.

Pipe cleaner crown - Kelli Murray

By Kelli Murray

4. Pom pom, pom pom, pom pom.


Design Improvised

5. Cooing over miniature things is totally normal.

Mini embroidery hoop

From The Mint House

6. Don’t call it Granny Chic.


The Sweet Escape

7. Shortcuts are your thing.


Lint roller or Rolling pin printing

By Handmade Charlotte

8. Organising: arranging things beautifully and impractically. Positively hard to maintain.

Clothes peg embroidery floss organiser

Via Everything I Dreamed

9. If YouTube videos mentioned yarn guides learning to knit/crochet would’ve been easier.

yarn strand guide

Yarn strand guide

10. Squee!

No? See number 5.

Resin thread and bobbin bracelet

The Zen of Making

11. You don’t need to sit to knit.

Travel yarn holder

From Otterburn PQ

12. Because twine. And Mason jars.

Yarn storage guide

Via I Heart Naptime

13. Giant sewing notions make you feel like a Borrower.

Needle and thread stool

Monoculo Shop

14. You believe arm knitting is Pinterest’s way of getting you to work out.

From Creativebug

15. Crochet cosies on everything!

What? If we can’t make fun of ourselves, they will 😉

Mollie Makes Apple Cosies

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