47 free Easter crochet patterns

Bunny Garland - free easter crochet patterns

Easter is coming (rather quickly don’t you think?) which means it’s time to fill your home with all the bunnies, chicks and eggs. We’ve collected 47 free Easter crochet patterns so you can get creative and get excited about spring all at the same time. Why not start with Yarn Inspiration‘s bunny garland, pictured above?

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Your free Easter crochet patterns collection


Easter chick - free crochet easter patterns

Annika Nilsson‘s fab amigurumi chicks are definitely something you can’t miss making this Easter.


Bunny Garland - free easter crochet patterns

Make Yarn Inspiration‘s crochet Easter bunny garland and hang it on your wall or curtains for a proper Easter atmosphere.


Crochet basket pattern - free easter crochet patterns

It’s your choice – do you want to use Skip to my Lou‘s crochet easter basket as a cute decoration or as a handy mini chocolate eggs holder?


Easter amigurumi eggs - free easter crochet patterns

These beautiful amigurumi Easter eggs by Zeens and Roger have vintage floral vibes and are ideal for more paired Easter décor.


Crochet Easter Basket - free easter crochet patterns

Here at Mollie, we just love Crochet 365 Knit Too‘s big crochet Easter basket. It’s just the right size for a big chocolate Easter egg, or a real bunny… Your choice.




Amiguru bunnies - free crochet easter patterns

These Easter amigurumi bunnies melt our hearts. Check out Crafty Bunny Bun‘s free Easter crochet patterns for three different sized bunny patterns.


Bunny Basket - free easter crochet patterns

We’re always up for easy crochet rabbit patterns and if the rabbit has a practical purpose then that’s even better. Find Your Crochet’s pattern here.


Crochet Egg Garland - free easter crochet patterns


Where there’s a bunny garland, there has to be an e(gg)quivalent doesn’t there? Skip to my Lou‘s simple two-step tutorial shows you how to crochet Easter eggs and chain them together into a fab and colourful garland.


Crochet Easter Chick Amigurumi - free easter crochet patterns

We love this little Easter amigurumi chick by Crochet For You.


Surprise eggs - free easter crochet patterns

5 Little Monsters‘s crochet Easter eggs are a fab hunt alternative for when the kids have had enough choc!


Easter bunnies - free easter crochet patterns

Sew Historically‘s crochet rabbit pattern is for absolute beginners, and can be strung into a garland, added to a card or made into gift tags. We’re always up for a 2-for-1 pattern.


Easter treat bag - free easter crochet patterns

Choose which colour variation of Petals to Picots‘ free Easter crochet basket you like best and create your own beautiful treat bags.


Easter Creme Egg Covers - free easter crochet patterns

Cadbury’s Creme eggs are simply too good to just lay around all exposed. Darn Cosy gets it covered with her bunny egg covers.


Crochet bunny head band - free easter crochet patterns


Little ‘uns will love Grace and Yarn‘s crochet easter bunny headband.


Crochet egg cosy - free easter crochet patterns

Thoresby Cottage‘s crochet bunny ears make fun additions to your Easter eggs.


Superman and Batman egg cosy - free easter crochet pattern

These free Easter crochet patterns aren’t just for anybody. Krawka‘s crochet egg cosies are only for superheroes.


Carrots - free easter crochet patterns

Craft some amigurumi carrots using Spin a Yarn Crochet‘s pattern. Your crochet Easter bunny will definitely thank you.


Bunny hat - free easter crochet patterns

Super simple, super quick and super cute. This crochet rabbit pattern by Kirsten Ballering is all we need this Easter.


Easy Easter Wreath - free easter crochet patterns

Try Joice Geysler‘s free pattern for this crochet Easter wreath and decorate your front door.


Egg cosy hat pattern - free easter crochet patterns

We love these crochet egg hats by RedTedArt. It’ll keep them warm while they’re waiting to be found!


Creme Egg cover - free easter crochet patters

In a hurry? Crochet these stripy Easter egg covers. Feel like doing more? Crochet Karen Goss‘ Easter bunnies to cover your creme eggs instead.


Easter Rabbit - free easter crochet patterns

This little pal calls for some Easter cuddles. Craft your own with Zoe Bartley‘s crochet rabbit pattern.


Easter amigurumi bunnies - free easter crochet patterns

Spin a Yarn Crochet‘s Easter amigurumi bunnies are just the right size to be squeezed into an Easter basket or a pocket. Make loads for your friends and family in their fave colours.

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Disney Egg Cosy - free easter crochet patterns

To all our cute character fans, Krawka has your back with her free Easter crochet patterns.


Easter Coasters - free easter crochet patterns

Brighten up your home with these crochet Easter bunny coasters by Evonne Umbel.


Easter amigurumi chick - free easter crochet patterns

Cuteness overload! We just love The Cozy Chipmunk‘s crochet Easter chick.



EggyandYolk - free easter crochet patterns

Ami Amour brings us two free Easter crochet patterns – choose between the crochet Easter chick named Eggy and the crochet Easter duck named Yolk. Have you ever heard such apt names?


Crochet easter eggs

Go all vintage with these crochet Easter eggs made in pink tones! Get Lulu Loves’ free Easter crochet pattern here.


Carrot egg cosy - free easter crochet patterns

Bring a bit of magic to your crafting and turn your eggs to carrots with Winding Road Crochet‘s crochet Easter egg covers.


Crochet Easter Egg Bunnty hat - free easter crochet patterns

Change your eggs into little egg babies with 1 Dog Woof‘s bunny hat.


 Easter Bunny Mug Cosy - free easter crochet patterns

Kirsten Ballering‘s bunny mug cosy adds a bit of Easter goodness to your teatime.


Crochet easter basket - free easter crochet patterns

Tiny crochet Easter baskets for tiny choco eggs. Find Crazy Patterns’ tutorial here.


Spiral easter eggs - free easter crochet patterns

This fab pattern by Krazy Kabbage gets our heads spinning. Go crazy this Easter with these crochet Easter egg patterns!


Another egg pattern for you! Make our colourful decorations using our tutorial here.


Big Bunny - free easter crochet patterns

Dare to do a bigger project this Easter? Spin a Yarn Crochet has an amazing crochet rabbit pattern on her site so that you can craft yourself an Easter bunny doll!


Harry Potter Amigurumi Chick - free easter crochet patterns

To all our Harry Potter fans, meet Ami Amour‘s crochet Easter chick!


Tulip easter egg cover - free easter crochet patterns

Ektelykke‘s spring crochet Easter eggs can be hung around your home for an added seasonal touch.


Easter amigurumi - free easter crochet patterns

Elif Tekten‘s tubby amigurumi bunnies can be crocheted in just two hours and they’ll make a great gifts for your friends.


Easter place setting - free easter crochet patterns

Add some springtime to your dining table with these lovely Easter egg place settings by Petals to Picots.


Creme Egg Covers - free easter crochet patterns

There’s never enough creme eggs, nor cute crochet creme egg covers. Try Sandra Paul‘s crochet rabbit pattern.


Easter egg covers - free easter crochet patterns

Pick one of three free Easter crochet patterns by Erica Dietz and craft them all for a lovely set of crochet egg covers.


Hen and chicks - free easter crochet patterns

We’re obsessed with this super round amigurumi crochet hen and her chicks. Find amiguruMEI’s pattern here.


Crochet egg cosy - free easter crochet patterns

Bobble hats are for everyone, including eggs. Make Yvestown‘s crochet egg cosies this evening.


Hanging chicks - free easter crochet patterns

These crochet Easter chickens by Yarnhild have the longest legs we’ve ever seen!


Make Laura Maxell’s bunny garland using the free tutorial on our blog.



Crochet easter egg - free easter crochet patterns

The vibrant colours on Miki Hemphill‘s crochet Easter egg mandala is totally a Mollie vibe.


Amigurumi chicks - free easter crochet patterns

And last but not least, Spin a Yarn Crochet has another free Easter crochet pattern, making her the official queen of Easter crochet. Make these cute amigurumi chicks and give them alongside all your Easter gifts.

We hope you find some inspiration in our free Easter crochet patterns collection, and that you’ll cover your homes with crochet Easter decorations. If you make any of these patterns, don’t forget to add the hashtag #molliemakers when you share your pictures on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.