5 brush lettering tips for beginners

Brush lettering tips for beginners — create drafts and play with letters using a pencil before you pick up a pen or paintbrush

Drop that tired old ballpoint pen, and give brush lettering a go instead. Not sure where to start? We’ve got five tips for beginners from the talented Becki Clark.

1. Get the right tools 
Brush letting tips for beginners — tip 1 — choose the right tools, like pentel pens, or ink and a paintbrush

There are so many brush pens available to buy that it can be overwhelming trying to choose! Look for something that has an actual brush tip and bear in mind that it needs to be flexible. I would always recommend the Pentel GFKP pen, or you can’t go wrong with a decent paintbrush and ink.

2. Practice makes perfect

Brush lettering for beginners — tip 2 — keep practising brush lettering to improve

It might be a cliché but it’s true! Don’t feel disheartened if your lettering isn’t looking how you’d like it to on the first few tries — it takes time to learn a new craft. You’ll see big improvements pretty quickly though. You can download my free brush lettering worksheets to help you too, when you sign up to In The Moment’s (Mollie’s sister mag’s) newsletter.

3. Be free with the rules

Brush lettering tips for beginners — tip 3 — create drafts and play with letters using a pencil before you pick up a pen or paintbrush

In school you were taught to keep your handwriting within the lines and your letters the same size. Brush lettering breaks all of these rules! Try mixing different letter heights and sizes for a flowing feel.

4. Experiment with your own style

It’s easy to want your lettering to look like someone else’s but once you’ve mastered the basics of the alphabet you can experiment to create your own personal style. It might take a while for it to feel natural to you but it will soon become like your second handwriting.

5. Go to workshops

Beginner brush lettering tips — tip 5 — go to a workshop for tips and to meet like-minded crafters

Workshops are a great place to explore your lettering and to pick up tips on the subject in person. You’ll be in a group of like-minded people who all want to learn the same craft too. And what could be better than that?

New year, new skill

This week we’re bringing you five sets of craft tips, with a new themed article released every day from Monday 22nd-Friday 26th January. Check out yesterday’s beginners tips for crocheters, and keep an eye on the website to see what other craft tips we’ve got to share with you each day.


Becki Clark — designer illustrator and owner of Olive and Bramble

About Becki Clark

Becki Clark is a designer illustrator who specialises in hand-drawn typography and surface design. She also runs Olive and Bramble, a whimsical wedding stationery company inspired by nature, with her studio assistant Reggie the dachshund. You can also find her on Instagram.





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