5 business tips for creative start-ups

Screen print designer Laura Spring discovered the medium while searching for a career change. Find out what her top craft business tips are and get a glimpse into how she built her business…

5 tips for running a creative business | Laura Spring | Mollie Makes.

1. Do the maths.

It’s really important! There’s no point selling hundreds of your brilliant creations in your first year if you get to the end, look at the bank and have no money there to show for all your hard work. It sounds really basic but it’s so simple and often overlooked!

2. Ask for help.

If you don’t understand how to do the maths ask someone else to help you. No-one expects you to know everything, it’s also impossible, so don’t be afraid to ask someone who does know for a bit of help… especially if maths isn’t your thing. For many creative people it’s the bit we least enjoy and can often fear, but I would say fight the fear and learn to love those numbers (if you can!).

3. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

This links to point number 2 because no-one knows everything, but you often learn a lot from the mistakes you make. It’s how you cope or manage that mistake that is the most important thing.

4. Stay focused on your vision.

Once you start a business there will be lots of people who you can call upon to help you in the way of feedback which you can learn from (your customers will have important feedback, too) but if you are uncomfortable with an idea/commission/design then don’t do it. You have to trust your instinct in many situations. It’s your business, no-one else’s, so don’t turn it into something you don’t like just because you think you should. I’ve always listened to my gut and it’s not let me down yet.

5. Love what you do.

There’s no point if you don’t totally love what you’re doing because you will live and breathe your business! Make sure you take time away from it, which can be hard in the first year, however it will make you a better designer/maker/business entrepreneur if you can take a day off and step back from it all. Often things get put into perspective if you spend a day with friends and then go back to it a day later, suddenly that problem seems less huge or you know how to deal with it.

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