Prepping for Christmas – 5 DIY Christmas tree decorations

Sarah Matthews paper star decorations

Although we love buying Christmas tree decorations (maybe even a bit too much…) it’s always nice to have a few homemade ones on the tree. A handmade Christmas is the best kinda Christmas, which is why we’ve been collecting up some of our fave DIY decorations over on our All Things Christmas Pinterest board.

We’ve rounded up some of our faves from the board and combined them with some of our DIYs to make the second blog post in our Prepping for Christmas series. So, whether you put your tree up on the first weekend of December or just a few days before, here’s five DIY Christmas tree decorations to give your home a bit of that Mollie sass.

Christmas tree decorations

1. Needlefelt Trees

Needle-felt Christmas tree decorations

Mini needlefelt Christmas tree tutorial

If you didn’t get around to making our needlefelt trees last year why not have a go this year? They’re super festive and we love the idea of popping them inside an alternative advent calendar for a lucky pal or partner to discover. Then you can hang your new little forest on the tree (just add twine or wire to hang them) and have Christmas tree Inception. You can find the tutorial on the blog here.

2. Felt deer decorations

DIY Felt Deer Ornament

Lia Griffith deer DIY ornament

These little felt deer decorations will look right at home on your Christmas tree. Made by the super talented Lia Griffith, they’re simple yet adorable. She’s even made similar penguin, fox and bear decorations so you can make a full woodland set. Gather all the materials using Lia’s tutorial and sit down for a Christmassy afternoon with your pals. Mince pies essentials, mulled wine optional.

3. Luxe paper star decorations

Sarah Matthews paper star decorations

Sarah Matthews’ paper star decorations, issue 99’s gift

Issue 99’s gift was Sarah Matthews’ luxe paper star decoration kit. You’ll get 12 sheets of paper designed by The Completist, plus a wooden template, to make 12 mini ornaments you can hang from a tree, mantlepiece or bannister. And, they can even be used as gift boxes if you suddenly need a present for that neighbour you forgot about. Fill with chocolate coins, drop them round and breathe a sigh of relief. You got away with it.

Get your copy of 99 to get your kit and tag us in your pictures using #molliemakers. Plus, if you get stuck, head to our Instagram highlight called Takeover to meet the stars’ designer, Sarah. Her takeover how to make a christmas star using our kit so head over and have a watch.

4. Glitter filled baubles

Bliss Makes DIY Glitter Confetti Ornaments

Bliss Makes DIY Glitter Confetti Ornaments

This, quite literally, wouldn’t be a Mollie Makes blog post if it didn’t have glitter in it. Luckily, Bliss Makes has answered our sparkly prayers with these colourful bauble ornaments. We love the fact you can fill these with any colour you’d like, meaning you can stick to your lovely Christmas theme of gold, green and red. Or you can just go a bit crazy like us and use every colour of the rainbow to fill your baubles (and your life).

5.  Scandi star garland

DIY star christmas garland

Creature Comforts DIY Christmas star garland

Since we know loads of you love a Scandi vibe (make sure you’re following our hygge Pinterest board if you do) our final make is this minimalist star garland. Its creator, Creature Comforts, kindly shared this DIY with us here. This garland is ideal to throw around the tree, around your presents or anywhere in your home. You can craft any shape you like too, so you could always swap the stars for gingerbread men, hearts or anything you fancy.

We hope you have a Christmassy blast making some (or all!) of our DIY Christmas tree decorations. Remember, if you want even more decoration ideas, subscribe to Mollie Makes and pick up a copy of 99 to make your own paper star decorations.

Or, if you need a fab Christmas present, why not buy a subscription of Mollie as a gift? Our subscription offer even comes with a free present that you can give or keep. It’ll make you the most popular person at the Christmas table, promise.

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