Top 5 Instagram tips from Blogtacular

We ask Kat Molesworth of Blogtacular to share her top 5 tips for taking beautiful Instagram shots.

“What makes a fantastic Instagram photo or account is the subject of much debate. There are heaps of different tips you can try to grow your account, but in the end if you’re taking great photos you’ll see great results. Invest time in your photography and your account will flourish! Here are five tips for taking the best photos possible…”

Kat’s top Instagram photography tips

1. Light

Every article about better photography starts out with light for a reason. It is the essence of a photo and low or artificial light will wreck your images in most cases. Yes, you will miss some moments by insisting on good natural light – take them anyway and share on Facebook – but your feed will look one hundred times better if the light is consistent across your grid. Move closer to the window, position yourself with your bum to the sun and everything will look better.

2. Grid

Turn on your phone’s grid and use it to compose your photos. From symmetrical images to use of the rule of thirds having the grid activated helps you to intentionally position the elements of your shot.

3. Grip

Holding the camera firmly and not letting it drift as you mash the shutter button is a discipline and one you need to start right now. Blurry shots in general don’t appeal to people who are scrolling through a stream of beautiful images. Equally, take time lining up the shot squarely – wonky photos don’t jump out in the same way that clean lines and perspectives do.

4. Edit

Taking the photo is step one, editing is where a lot of the magic happens. You may want to crop in or straighten the image, for this I use SKRWT as I find it to be the best of the perspective tools out there. For fine edits and filters (applied with the volume down) I go to VSCO cam and, lately, A Color Story which is designed for colour lovers like me and even has curves editing.

5. Subject

One of the most powerful changes you can make to your instagram is being selective about what you photograph and share. Take time to work out what your visual style is centred around and how that fits in to your instagram grid. Some of the most successful accounts are those which deliver a consistent style. Hone your style, save your other photos for friends only and you’ll see an uplift in your account’s following.

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Kat Molesworth is a photographer, web designer, social media consultant and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Blogtacular and splits her time between managing the conference and working with small businesses. Kat can frequently be found buried in social media or planning her next venture. In her spare time Kat writes the blog Housewife