5 tips for running a craft business

Sometimes running a creative business on your own can be a bit overwhelming, especially during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas period. Melanie Chadwick shares 5 tips for running a craft business. Is there a recipe for success for this screenprinter? Let’s find out.

Melanie Chadwick from Mellybee – Photo © Karolina Koziel www.karolinakoziel.com

Freelance illustrator and textiles designer-maker Melanie Chadwick kindly shares a few business tips and more in the new issue of Gathered by Mollie Makes (issue 6). You can find the rest of the interview here; come join the conversation over on Twitter and Facebook.

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Melanie is based in Falmouth, Cornwall where she screen prints homewares and stationery for her quirky label Mellybee. Surrounded by colour while in Hong Kong gave Melanie the bug for using her illustration and design skills professionally. On moving back to the UK she was determined to explore illustration more and started drawing and creating work while running art parties and teaching on the side.

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What one thing did you have in mind when starting out?

To make a living from doing something I love.


What three things do you think make you successful?

Possibly my determination to get something done and not just procrastinate (although I have been guilty of that too!), not being afraid to knock on doors and the courage to keep going even when things may not seem to be going the way I originally intended!


Did you take a business course before starting up your business?

Not unless watching Dragon’s Den and the Apprentice counts…!


What are your top three business tips?

Be kind, work hard, stay connected.


What’s the best piece of creative advice you have ever been given?

There are no mistakes, just experiments.


Read more about Melanie and her label, Mellybee in Gathered by Mollie Makes issue 6.

Do you have 5 tips for running a craft business? Come join the conversation over on Twitter and Facebook.

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