5 weaving tips for beginners

Warp up an even amount of threads when you're weaving

New to weaving? Lucy Davidson of Peas and Needles shares her top five tips to get you started.

Pick up your loom (or make one – Lucy tells you how!), grab your yarn and get a comfortable seat. We’re about to get started with weaving.

1. Take your time and relax

Weaving for beginners — top 1 — relax when you're weaving

Weaving is meant to be relaxing and therapeutic, and weavers need to be calm when they’re practising their craft. You can tell if people are stressed during weaving as their work becomes too tight, which changes the shape of the weave. Relax those shoulders when you craft! You’ll be surprised by what a difference this makes.

2. If you don’t have a loom, make your ownWeaving for beginners — tip 2 — if you don't have a loom you can make your own for weaving

It’s easy to make your own loom — all you need is a picture frame, some nails and a hammer. Mark out where to put your nails on opposite ends of your frame. These will need to be about 1cm apart. Make sure the opposite side is exactly the same, and hammer the nails in so the top of the nail is poking out. Warp your threads around the nails, exactly the same as you would on a normal loom.

3. Weave with roving

Weaving for beginners — tip 3 — weave with roving to create a lot of texture

I like to create a lot of texture when I’m weaving and the best way to do this is with roving (the fluffy stuff that gets spun into wool). This material is amazing to work with and so flexible. You will come away with some beautiful fluffy weaves.

4. Warp up an even amount of threads

Weaving for beginners — tip 4 — warp up an even amount of threads when you're weaving

This will help when you are creating rya knots (tassels) because each one you will need two warp threads. Having an even amount of warp threads — the vertical thread you weave on to — will help enormously when you come to take your weave off the loom and tie it to your piece of doweling. You won’t be left with any stray warp threads.

5. Go to a workshop

Weaving for beginners — tip 5 — go to a workshop to progress your weaving

If you get stuck and are unsure how to progress, why not pop along to a weaving workshop and learn all the skills you need? There are many across the UK, and I hold some workshops myself.

New year, new skill

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Lucy Davidson, Peas and NeedlesAbout Lucy

Lucy spends her days playing with colour and texture, creating beautiful weaves and decorative wonders. When she isn’t crafting, she’s teaching others to and can be found passing on her skills in workshops across the UK. You can find out more on her craft and lifestyle blog, Peas and Needles.





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