7 crochet tips for beginners

Beginner crochet tips from RedAgape

Beginner crocheter? We’ve got all the tips you need to become a crochet pro, courtesy of Mandy O’Sullivan from RedAgape. From choosing a comfortable hook, to going for the right weight of yarn, there’s lots you can do to make your entry into crochet easy.

1. Go for a comfortable hook and holdBeginner crochet tips from RedAgape — tip 1 — think about the hook you use and how you hold it

Remember that the right way to hold your hook is the way that works best for you. A comfortable hook is a must when learning to crochet, so find one that suits your grip. I love hooks that have a soft grip like Clover Amour.

2. Choose a suitable yarn weight to startBeginner crochet tips from RedAgape — tip 2 — when learning too crochet use a yarn that isn't too chunky or too thin

Goldilocks had the right idea! When you’re learning to crochet, use a yarn weight that is neither too fine nor too chunky, like an aran weight (worsted or 10 ply). It’ll be easier to hold than a fine yarn, but not too heavy to handle.

3. Start with small projects

Beginner crochet tips from RedAgape — tip 3 — start with small projects when you're learning to crochet

Begin with small, attainable projects. Crochet takes time and often beginners will feel discouraged when they aren’t able to make everything all at once. Crochet small items like coasters, mandalas or squares before moving onto larger items like cushions and blankets. And most importantly, have fun!

4. Pick up your hook everydayBeginner crochet tips from RedAgape — tip 4 — pick up your hook and crochet every day to get used to it

Training your hand to hold the hook and yarn with the correct tension is the hardest part about learning to crochet. It’ll feel unnatural and a little awkward at first, but if you pick up your hook every day when you’re first learning, it’ll become second nature in no time. Don’t give up! There are very few people who get it straight away, so keep practising.

5. Chain, chain, chain!

Beginner crochet tips from RedAgape — tip 5 — create lots of chains to improve your tension

The best way to improve your tension when learning is to chain, chain, chain. When all of your chains look nice and even you will be ready for more complicated stitches.

6. Make stitch swatches

Beginner crochet tips from RedAgape — tip 6 — make stitch swatches to become familiar with different crochet stitches

Crochet is made up of the same handful of stitches, combined in different ways to create a variety of textures and patterns. Working on little stitch swatches will help familiarise you with the different stitches. These swatches can be sewn together to create small blankets or face cloths. Don’t forget to count your stitches too. It’s really frustrating to reach the end of a row or round and realise you’ve missed stitches or have more than you need.

7. Try out the good old granny square

Beginner crochet tips from RedAgape — tip 7 — create granny squares when you're learning how to crochet

It’s important to learn how to crochet in the round as well as in rows, and there’s nothing more satisfying for beginners than being able to create a granny square. The options for granny squares are endless!

New year, new skill

This week we’re bringing you five sets of craft tips, with a new themed article released every day from Monday 22nd-Friday 26th January. First up are 7 crochet tips for beginners from the lovely RedAgape. Keep an eye on the website to see what other craft tips we’ve got to share with you each day.


About Mandy O’Sullivan

RedAgape is a crochet and craft blog run by Mandy O’Sullivan, who’s passionate about living a creative life. On the blog she shares free patterns, DIYs and some interior inspiration. She’s currently writing a book which will be released this year. Find out more about Mandy and RedAgape on Instagram and on her website. Keep an eye out for issue 89 of Mollie Makes, which features a tutorial for RedAgape’s crochet colour pop blanket.



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