7 Mother’s Day crafts for kids

7 kids crafts for Mothers day

It’s that time of year again, a day for all the mums out there to put their feet up and relax. A day of celebration but it doesn’t have to only be for you – why not get crafting with your little ’uns to truly get into the spirit? Plus, a handmade gift is a perfect way for them to show how much they care. Here are 7 Mother’s Day crafts for kids that not only treat you but encourages their creativity.

When they are busy crafting away, why not grab a copy of issue 104 and follow our Pinterest board for more crafting inspo! If you’re after more DIY crafts check out these below:

1.   Mum on the rocks

7 mothers day crafts for kids

Photo Credit: Pinterest

No, this is not a new amazing mocktail for mum’s – although that does sound fab. This is an artistic way your little ones can show their love for you, by decorating pebbles and writing messages to you. Plus, they look adorable in the window sill and are so easy to make (thanks Mother Nature). We got the idea from our Pinterest, where you can check out these cool book quotes on pebbles.

2.   Dreamcatchers

7 mothers day crafts for kids

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What better way to show your love for someone than a gift to take away all the scary nightmares? You can sow the hearts together with your kids and tie it all up with string. We love this example from our Pinterest board – it’s honestly so adorable! No more nightmares for you after watching Games of Thrones, what a bonus.

3.   Handprints

7 mothers day crafts for kids

Photo Credit: CraftRiver Pinterest

Ah, the classic handprints-on-a-card. The aim of the game is for your child to cover their hand in paint, press it onto some card and aspire to be the next Picasso. Hopefully. Either way, trust us, you’ll be marvelling at the tininess of those hands for years to come.

4.   Tea light jars

7 mothers day crafts for kids

Photo Credit: countryliving.com Pinterest

How cute are these tea jars? Kids can simply decorate these jars with their fav paints, tie a brown string around the top and present proudly to mum. Plus, they’d look adorable on the mantlepiece.

5.   Handmade bookmarks

7 mothers day crafts for kids

Photo Credit: topteacher.com.au Pinterest

If you’re a bookworm like us, a handmade bookmark from your kids this Mother’s Day is an ideal present. Not only does it save turning those page corners, but it’s also a nice everyday reminder of how much they love you. It’s pretty simple to make with them. You’ll need coloured card, paper, scissors, pens, a punch hole, ribbon and paints. We really like these finger-painted flower bookmarks, how cute are they?

6.   Sunny Sequin Art

7 mothers day crafts for kids

Photo Credit: Handmade Charlotte Pinterest

So maybe it’s not winter anymore but these snowflake sequin arts have given us an idea. It would be an amazing spring present this Mother’s Day to create a sun with sequins or even a flower. Let your kids celebrate spring and Mother’s Day and get crafting! You just need sequins, foam, a picture frame and imagination.

7.   DIY Clutches

7 mothers day crafts for kids

Photo Credit: Bloglovin’ Pinterest

Everyone loves a good purse. That’s why making a handmade clutch with your kids for Mother’s Day is a win-win in our book. They learn some sewing skills and get creative and you get a nice new purse to show off.

They can use leftover scraps of felt, pompoms, pipe cleaners and sewing to patch together your next favourite purse. If you’re stuck for ideas, we really like these cute cat purses we saved to our Pinterest. And let us know your Mother’s day crafts for kids ideas so that we can all get making together.

Whichever craft activities you choose to do with your little ones, make sure to use the hashtag #molliemakers to share your wonderful creations and feel free to have a scroll through our Twitter and Instagram for more fun ideas. We hope all you have a fab Mother’s Day!