8 superfoods that will whet your crafty appetite

Nurture your creativity and stay in tip-top shape with superfoods. Inspired by the watermelon and pineapple faux-leather brooches in Mollie Makes issue 56 we bring you eight crafty superfoods full of creative nutrients that will unleash the experimental maker in you. Bon appetite!

Mollie Makes issue 56 watermelon and pineapple brooch accessories

1. Super seaweed

Whiz through an under-the-sea themed kid’s costume at double speed with Invisibly’s crochet pattern.

Crochet seaweed by invisibly.at

2. The orange

Get high concentrations of vitamin C(rochet) from this vintage potholder pattern.

orange crochet pattern

3. Sweet melon o’ mine

Served as small chunks or wide smile slices, the watermelon comes packed with juice that’ll quench your thirst and this watermelon placemat is perfect for serving up the sweets!


4. Zesty lemon

Add lemons to your grocery list and reap the benefits of this zesty, ‘antioxidant powerhouse’. Need a reminder? Get yourself a lemon coin purse from Well Loved. Meet you at the fruit market!

Lemon Coin Purse by Well-Loved

5. Walnuts

These little guys are bona fide mood boosters, especially when turned into pincushions. See what we mean?

Walnut knit pincushion

6. Mushrooms

Up all night gawking at this colourful mushroom garland? Munch on the real thing to fight fatigue.

Crochet mushroom bunting

7. Perfectly soft avocados

We hear these two help with your eye sight! So we’re inviting a pair of avos into the craft room to thread our sewing needles.

Felted avocado sculpture

8. Cute kiwi

This cute kiwi felt pincushion pattern can be found in Mollie Makes 53. If you’ve already made one we’d love to see. Share your images with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Search for ‘Mollie Makes’.

Kiwi fruit fabric pincushion

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