9 Father’s Day ideas to buy, make and do

Treat new papas to handmade gifts from the kids plus fun experiences with love from the whole family! Here’s 9 ideas to try…

On Dad day, we recommend fathers of all ages topple the sofas and build blanket forts, eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and throw epic Dad shapes on the dance floor. Because you can! Here’s our list of Father’s day gifts to buy, make and do.

3 things to do for Father’s Day

Build a blanket fort

We bet, when purchasing a new sofa, Dads base their choice mainly on how said piece of furniture would perform in a blanket fort construction. While he’s weighing them up, here’s how to put together a fort kit he and the kids will LOVE.


Fly a kite

All you need is a bit of wind, a large stretch of even ground, and a kite. Here’s how you can make one together.

Canopy and Stars


Nothing beats roasted marshmallows by Dad – he gets it just right. Take the whole family on a camping trip where he can pass on fundamental ‘mallow roasting knowledge. Find cool places to camp at Canopy and Stars.

3 DIY Father’s Day gifts to make


Serve cereal for pudding

If Dad’s not the tie-wearing type, opt of offerings of cereal. Edit the topping to suit: add micro cars for Formula 1 fans, wind-up toys for prankers or sweets for papas with a sweet tooth. A winning recipe, we’re can assure!


Make an indoor water garden

It’s not an in-wall aquarium but it’ll do. Brighten living spaces with an indoor water garden for him. This is such a clever idea we’re thinking of gifting this to every dude we know.


Mini sardine can dioramas

Craft it with kids! Spend a few minutes discussing their favourite Dad memories then gift him with mini dioramas creations this Father’s Day. This could be something you make for him to unwrap or something you craft together with Dad.



3 Father’s Day gifts to buy

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Call Dad

“If at first you don’t succeed, call Dad.” Yup.


Cool Sailor Print

If his man cave needs a revamp, treat the wall to cool sailor prints by Parada Creations.


Lomo’Instant San Sebastián

Capture sunny escapades with the Lomo’Instant San Sebastián. Inspired by its namesake surf town in Spain, this camera guarantees creative snaps in a colourful instant.


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