Bank holiday makes: 5 relaxing crafts

Crochet top by Nomad Stitches, pattern available in issue 106 of Mollie Makes.

Bank holidays are a chance to relax and take some time off work. And what better way to do that than with crafts? We’ve chosen our top five relaxing crafts that will help boost your creativity and relax your mind.

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Once you’ve had a look at the top 5 relaxing crafts make sure to check out all our bank holiday craft projects below:

1.   Painting with Watercolours

5 relaxing crafts - watercolours

Source: Pinterest

Watercolour painting is a great way to switch off and relax. The mix of water and paint can teach us about letting go of control – creating ‘happy accidents’ as Amanda calls them on her blog. We also reach a state of mind called ‘flow’ thinking when we do activities such as painting, reading or writing. This flow state allows us to forget everything else and focus on the moment.

2.  Embroidery

Embroidery is a super relaxing craft which allows you to focus on the tiny intricate details of a pattern, leaving the outside world behind. Issue 106 comes with Jenny Blair’s botanical embroidery hoop gift kit and is perfect for plant lovers everywhere. The kit comes with everything you need so pick up a copy of the mag in the supermarket and head to the park to start on your new project. Stitch nature in nature!

3.   Crochet

Crochet is great for relaxation too – your mind is so focused on the repetitive nature of the act that you soon forget all those little worries and stresses. When you make something that you’re proud of, you’re bound to feel better too. Our pals from the Fibre Lounge agree saying ‘I’ve always struggled with anxiety and having crocheted from a young age I was able to use it to help me during the tougher times. I find if I don’t crochet for a few days I start to struggle more mentally.’ Our Q&A with them on the blog, shows that crochet is not only relaxing but an important tool that can be used to help deal with stress and anxiety.

Making these crochet dreamcatchers will help ease the stresses of the day and might even help you to sleep better by catching all the bad dreams. Find the tutorial to make them here. If dream catchers don’t take your fancy, check out our crochet collection blog post which has over 50 free patterns for you to try.

4.   Needle Felting

Needle felting tutorial - Teacup Pincushion | Mollie Makes

Next on our list is needle felting. Our creativity is truly happy when we’re sculpting something beautiful out of humble materials. Being creative activates the right side of your brain and it’s the right side which helps to recharge and restore your left side (the side which is more logical, strategic and uses energy by absorbing information). Never tried needle felting before? No worries, use our tutorial and make yourself a tiny cup of tea (what’s more relaxing than tea and craft right?)

5. Cross-Stitch

relaxing crafts - cross stitch

Source: Pinterest

There is something about cross-stitch that truly allows your mind to enter the flow state. The concentration on a specific pattern and stitching can help focus the mind and make you feel calmer. There’s loads of scientific research behind the benefits of crafting and the charity Mind encourage craft as a part of well being, hosting crafternoons to raise money. Plus we even wrote our own blog post on the benefits of crafting for your mental health here.

We hope you have a lovely bank holiday and try out these relaxing craft ideas. Be sure to tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with pics of your makes!