Be inspired and make a granny square

It never fails to surprise us how quickly our passionate Mollie Makes readers start and complete projects from the magazine. It seems that no sooner the latest issue has hit the doormat that the needles are out and the crochet hooks are whizzing! From the felt gadget holder, to the apple cosies and strawberry pin cushions we love hearing about the successes (and mishaps!) you have with projects. Over the last few months we have seen some gorgeous examples on Facebook and Twitter and what’s really really nice is how you help each other out – how very kind! This year crochet granny squares have gone down an absolute storm and we have been thrilled by the response we have had from you lovely readers about our fab Jane Brocket crochet tutorial we featured in issue 2. So hot on it’s heels. we thought we would share with you a wonderful granny square project one of our favourite bloggers has been working on. Have you met Vanessa from Coco Rose Diaries? She’s ace. Here is one of her vibrant crochet projects that she has recently completed. We love Vanessa’s honesty. She is a busy lady and doesn’t claim to have made this during the ad break of Corrie. It’s been a WIP and now can sit in pride of place on her knee! 2011-06-cocorosecrochet2.jpg 2011-06-cocorosecrochet1.jpg 2011-06-cocorosecrochet3.jpg Stunning isn’t it? And a great inspiration for those of us who are still battling with the yarn and hook. Vanessa is relatively new to crochet so it’s great to see how far she has come. Her blog has some other delicious crochet projects too. Remember practice makes perfect! xoxo Pssst! New to crochet? Do not fear just hop over to our beginners guide and get hooking.