You Are So Very Beautiful: A craftivism affirmation project

Have you ever needed a pick-me-up in the middle of the day? Craved a little reminder that you are amazing? Wanted to tell that awkward person at the bus stop that they are beautiful?

Craftivisim project - Affirmation drop - You Are So Very Beautiful

Craftisvism is collecting signs and organising drops of handmade affirmations, and would love your help! Betsy Greer started the You Are So Very Beautiful (#yasvb) project because she needed to hear affirmations herself. “In stitching them, I found that they stuck with me, as I was forced to create the words and then stare at them stitch after stitch after stitch.”

Now she’s planning an affirmation drop for others, “I realised that if I left them out for other people to find, they, too, could hear those kind words.”

Take part in the affirmation drop

Currently, there is a time-sensitive drop, as on February 7th, craftivists in Baltimore, London, and Vancouver will be leaving signs around their cities for people to find. For more details on how to help out, check out

If you don’t live near any of these cities and would like to either leave your own signs out in your town or coordinate a drop, feel free to contact me at to learn more.

You Are So Very Beautiful: A craftivism affirmation project
Collecting signs now!

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