Blogging tips: Blog what you love

For new bloggers, the online world can appear stressful and intimidating, but when you blog about your passions you will be amazed by what can happen! Read on to find out how Meredith Crawford of One Sheepish Girl beat the ‘blogging fear’

“I started my blog, One Sheepish Girl, when I was a sophomore in college. During that time, I was stressed out by thoughts of the future and desperately seeking something to bring joy and creativity back to my life.

While browsing my favourite bookstore, I randomly picked up The Friday Night Knitting Club. Within the first few pages I knew I needed to give this knitting thing a try. Once I started knitting, I discovered an unexpected creative passion. After receiving heaps of encouragement from my friends, I opened an Etsy shop to sell my accessories. I simply thought a blog would be a good way to share my products and get my work out there. I jumped right into the blog world without any experience creating, or even reading, blog posts. Aside from maybe selling a few scarves, I had zero expectations for my blog.

Now that I look back on my relatively short experience as a blogger, I’ve come to appreciate my blind entrance into this amazing online community. Sometimes I think our expectations get the better of us and lessen the enjoyment that comes with experiencing something for, exactly that: the experience. I receive emails from readers interested in starting their own blogs and they ask questions on how I am able to maintain my blog. This question always takes me by surprise because I don’t think of my blog as something to maintain. I think of it as something that pushes my personal creativity and enables me to express myself in ways I never imagined. Most of the time the only thing I ever know to say is, “Blog about what you love!”

If you are interested in starting your own blog, sites like Blogger and WordPress make it incredibly easy to just sign in and go. Grab a camera, or even your smart phone, and start capturing the world around you. Take pictures of your craft, family, food, a fun weekend adventure, your favourite local shop, and start writing about it. Soon enough you will have an online journal filled with things you love. When you reach that point, you will discover that sharing those little moments with the world are the reason why you get so excited about your craft. That excitement will only intensify as you continue your blogging adventures. When you blog about your passions you will be amazed by what can happen!”

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