Blogtacular London 2014

Before we begin our Blogtacular praises, keep in mind that you can catch up on all the inspiring, informative talks and workshops by signing up to the Blogtacular mailing list. Soon Kat and Kat, event organisers, will fill you in on how you can watch the talks from the blogging conference online (which makes us feel less bad about doing this wish-you’d-been-there post).


We’ve been to some great blogging conferences in our time, and we’ve enjoyed them all, but there was something really special about Blogtacular – you could feel it. Not only did Kat and Kat bring together a great list of speakers and workshop hosts, but the venue was incredible. So elegant. The Royal Institute of Great Britain became our home for the weekend, and it was perfect – well, we might have added a few crafty touches here and there.

Blogtacular venue

Joy Cho at Blogtacualr

Kicking off the weekend was super-blogger Joy Cho, who spoke in detail of how her career came from a series of changes she feared. How she chased her dream, took risks and made decisions that weren’t easy, but were ones she believed in. There it was, the twinkle of ideas and excitement in our eyes. She’d done it alright… We. Were. Pumped!

Saturday began with tea and biscuits, natch, and once the caffeine did its magic the room hummed with conversation: a community of bloggers were eager to make new discoveries and learn from online gurus. All the talks were inspiring and informative, with bucket loads of character and lots of feel-good factor for the reserve tank from closing speaker Natalie Lue. The workshops were fun and fresh, especially Xanthe Berkeley‘s #blogtacularphotowalk (look it up, so colourful!) which captured the energy of the event. Yeah, it was pretty fabulous.

Natalie Lue at Blogtacular

Blogtacular photowalk

We’re still talking about it, we still check the Blogtacular hashtags and we’re still talking about what we’ve taken away from the event on team Mollie Makes.

These are our Blogtacular Takeaways, what’s yours?

  • Do something that scares you. – Joy Cho
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you and you can learn from. – Prét a Voyger
  • Plan. Be Spontaneous. Have an intention. – Xanthe
  • Don’t should yourself. – Natalie Lue


Shout out to Will Ireland who took these photographs. If you’d like to blog about the event feel free to download Blogtacular images here.

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