Cool Halloween photo backdrop ideas

DIY Halloween Backdop Ideas

Eek, it’s Halloween and we’re hosting! Better get started on a Halloween photo backdrop…

Once a year we let the cray-cray crafter in us run riot (Halloween seems most fitting) and it means we make ambitious costume decisions, last-minute. This we can just about handle, but it leaves very little time to plan Halloween decorations, and that is not OK. If this sounds like you, then super easy décor ideas using stuff you already have in the house get a thumbs up! Come on, if we’re making the effort to dress up and manage to convince the BF to go as a spoon (someone on team Mollie is dressing up as an ice cream), then we sure as sorcery want photos!

Here’s a look at 5 Halloween photo backdrops you can whip up in under an hour. Have fun!

1. Moon and stars Halloween photo backdrop by Free People

Gorgeous Free People moon and stars photo backdrop idea

2. DIY bat fabric backdrop by Made By Girl

DIY bat canvas Halloween photo backdrop

3. Skull bunting by Mini Eco

Papercraft halloween skull bunting

4. Halloween balloon décor ideas

Black balloon Halloween backdrop idea

5. Cross washi tape wall decals

Washi tape wall decor

Happy Halloween!
Team Mollie Makes