Correction: Macramé Necklace, Mollie Makes 97

Macrame Necklace Correction

We’ve made a mistake 🙁 The measurements for the macramé necklace in issue 97 all need to be x by 10. The first instruction should read;

  1. Cut five 100cm lengths of rope (39 3/8″), a 160cm length of rope (63″) , and a 30cm length (11 7/8″). With the longer length, measure 35cm (13 3/4″) down from the top – this is where you’ll attach the other cords. To do this, hold all the ropes, except the 30cm (11 7/8″) length, in a bundle together. Use the short length to make a u-shape, and start wrapping it back around itself and over the bundle, as shown.

Sorry everyone, happy making!