Craftivists Garden project, #wellMAKING

Crochet, knitted, paper and fabric flower tutorials – Mollie Makes

Crafters are being urged to add their skills to a new #wellMAKING project to show how crafting can improve wellbeing

Craftivists Garden project – #wellMAKING

When it comes to thought-provoking craft creations, Craftivist Collective founder Sarah Corbett knows a thing or two, but she needs your help to turn her healing handmade garden into a reality.

Throughout the rest of the year, Sarah will be urging crafters to add their thoughts and skills − in the form of a handmade flower − to a #wellMAKING Craftivists Garden. The initiative will show how craft improves wellbeing by involving participants in the connected, sensory and mindful process of making.

We’ve found pretty sewing, knitting and crochet flower patterns so you can get involved in the Craftivists Garden project, #wellMAKING.

Crochet, knitted, paper and fabric flower tutorials – Mollie Makes

[Clockwise from top left] 1. These crochet flowers are super easy and perfect for the #wellMAKING garden. 2. Teacup succulent made with fabric – the plant that will never die! 3. Spring knitted crocuses via Ravelry. 4. DIY papier-mâché cacti via Design Sponge.

Sarah explains: “I’m really excited about this project because it first focuses on us using craft to really look at ourselves before we tell others to change the world. We’ve seen so much evidence to show that craft helps people’s wellbeing, and we believe it’s a beautiful tool for us to reflect on how we can improve the wellbeing of those around us in our communities and society.”

The project officially launched on 17 July and you can get involved by crocheting, knitting and hand-embroidering flowers while reflecting on the importance of wellbeing. The flowers will be gathered into an installation, which all participants will be invited to, and unveiled in January 2015.

Download the Craftivists Garden app and find out more at Craftivist Collective