Creating time capsules with photos and keepsakes

Stash tangible memories and keepsakes in Make History’s Time Capsule, store them virtually with Tapsule, or go to Xanthee Berkeley’s Creating Time Capsule workshop and learn how to make your own

The idea of a time capsule is so interesting and exciting, right? Way back in 1900 the first time capsule was buried to help people of the future have a better understanding of the past. 100 years later it was opened and surfaced plenty of photos and letters from the prominent peeps that lived in those days. Sadly no crochet patterns or vintage fabrics made the cut – this was obviously not a time capsule filled by #molliemakers – but the point remains that in our nature, people are magpies and we’ll collect tokens and photos that trigger happy memories forever.

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember what happened at the weekend, never mind a year from now, so it’s worth having a memory box for our souvenirs. If you’d like to go one step further you could create time capsules for future you/loved ones as a wonderful reminder of the good times – we all need that from time to time – here’s three ways to do it:

Stow away big event souvenirs in Make History’s Time Capsules

Time Capsule memory box 3 Time Capsule memory box 2 Time Capsule memory box

Store cherished memories in this Time Capsule from Make History – those all-important moments relived for years to come. The white capsule contains a notebook, tags, tape, stickers, wrapping paper and a seal, so you can store magical moments until the time comes to fondly revisit them once more. Available to buy in UK from Alex and Alexa

Create a digital memory box to share with people you love today

Tapsule is about creating digital time capsules (private or public) that your friends and family can add to and follow. App founder Jeff Jackel describes this ‘collaborative media’, where a group of friends comes together to create stories. “I’ve always had a firm belief that, when anyone sees a piece of social content, what they really care about is the story behind it… It’s not about a single, beautifully filtered shot, it’s a bunch of moments strung together that give your post context…”

Learn how to make your own with Xanthee Berkeley

Sign up to Xanthee’s course to “make real hold-in-your-hand time capsules, full of your photo memories and all sorts, to be treasured forever.” In the course you’ll be guided and inspired by Xanthee to create and capture photos, collect letters, notes and even objects that represent a moment in time, and this collection will become your colourful time capsule.

“We’ll capture parts of our everyday lives; gathering memories through various photography projects, letter writing… creating a memory stamp of us and our families, things that evoke a memory, and take us back, completely, to that moment in time.”



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