DIY Christmas dog bandana*

Happy Fabric DIY Christmas dog bandana

*This blog post is sponsored by Happy Fabric

Everyone deserves a jazzy Christmas outfit and that includes those of the animal persuasion. Our pals Happy Fabric have shared their DIY Christmas dog bandana tutorial with you so you can spread festive cheer throughout the whole family.

They’ve popped two designs in their template, a candy cane pattern (featured above) and a Santa’s Little Helper motif that will look equally adorable printed on a bandana. Simply print the template, cut and press. Happy Fabric designed this bandana for pups but you can easily scale the size down for your feline friends too!

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Christmas dog bandana instructions

Step 1

Happy Fabric DIY Christmas dog bandana

Fold the fabric in half along the length and position the bandana template along the fold. Pin in place, cut one bandana shape, then repeat to create two shapes in total.

Step 2

Happy Fabric DIY Christmas dog bandana

Pin the bandana pieces with right sides (RS) together, aligning the edges. Sew around the outside leaving a small gap, then use the gap to turn the bandana through to the RS, using a knitting needle or similar to push out the points. Neatly sew the gap closed, tucking the raw edges to the wrong side, then top stitch around the edge of the bandana.

Step 3

Happy Fabric DIY Christmas dog bandana

Cut out the candy cane template, place onto the back of the vinyl (the non-shiny side), and draw around it approximately 10 times.

Step 4

Happy Fabric DIY Christmas dog bandanaCut out each candy cane shape, making sure all the pen marks have been cut away.

Step 5

Happy Fabric DIY Christmas dog bandana

Pre-press the bandana, then cut each candy cane into stripes at an angle. Place the pieces onto the fabric, shiny side up, with a small gap in between to create a stripe effect. Position the candy canes at different angles across the bandana, then carefully place a sheet of greaseproof paper on top. Press with an iron for 10 seconds, making sure each shape is heated evenly.

Step 6

Happy Fabric DIY Christmas dog bandana

Once cooled a little, peel away the shiny carrier off each piece to reveal the design. Place the greaseproof paper back on top and give it a final press to seal the vinyl.

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Happy Fabric 

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*This blog post is sponsored by Happy Fabric