DIY flower crown

Looking for DIY flower crown ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Adapt these head garlands to match your wedding theme

Flower crown and head garlands have been growing in popularity over the last few wedding seasons as brides are choosing less formal weddings and opting for flower crowns for themselves and their bridesmaids.

Stylist, Carrie Southall, the new Creative Director of ruby+diva weddings* has come up with a rustic head garland for Mollie Makes readers.


You will need:
• Small Eucalyptus
• Lavender (dried is fine )
• Small amount of Rosemary
• Other base foliage (we used some lilac leaves from the garden)


Step 1
Make up several ‘mini bouquets’ of each element. You can control how the crown looks more easily this way and make sure there’s even distribution of foliage. Group stems together and then tape with florists tape. Trim each one down to a few inches.


Step 2
For this flower crown we are using twine instead of wire to make it really comfortable and easy to tie onto your head. Take 2 lengths of rustic twine and measure roughly the circumference of your head, add an extra foot for tying the ends. Knot them in the middle to secure them.


Step 3
Half a foot from the end, start taping one of your bundles onto the twine. You can insert a light gauge wire if you’d like for extra support. Trim off any extra length and tidy the bundles as you go. Try taping and overlapping in different directions so the crown doesn’t become too linear in shape.


Step 4
As you near the end half a foot, start taping from the opposite end. You will need a final bundle to mask the point where the two different directions meet.

And there you have it! This flower crown smells lovely and is an affordable option for bridesmaids or flower girls – we spent under £10 to make it. Psst… most florists will give you some twine and a few wires for free.

*ruby+diva is re-launching their new wedding styling shop and website at the A Most Curious Fair.


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