DIY geometric picture holder

Mollie Makes - DIY picture holder tutorial by Passion Shake

Display motivational prints and your favourite snaps with these geo-patterned picture holders. Follow the simple tutorial by Passion Shake‘s to make a set today 

We love keeping trinkets: everything from well-designed business cards, postcards and printed photos find their way into our memory box. If you have something similar, you’ll know that some of the things you’ve collected are just too good to file away; we should be able to enjoy them, right? This DIY picture holder by Passion Shake gives us a chance to display our keepsakes in an organised and crafty way – always a bonus! So whip out the paints and wood blocks, let’s showcase our best thrifty finds.

“I like DIYs that are simple and have a very low probability of failure which is why this one is so great. Let’s be honest, it can’t go wrong, and there’s plenty of room for adding your own personal touch and endless pattern possibilities.”

DIY picture holder step 2

You will need:
• Wooden blocks
• Acrylic paints
•  Masking tape
•  Clothes pegs
•  Strong craft glue

DIY picture holder step 1

Step 1
Prepare your wooden blocks for painting (sandpaper and wash if necessary). Get creative and paint your wooden blocks. Use masking tape to create crisp lines.

Step 2
Once dry glue the clothes pegs to the back of the blocks using strong craft glue. And that’s it! Now you can display all your best pics!

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DIY picture holder tutorialDIY picture holder tutorial 1