DIY jewellery: Cross stitch wooden pendant

Show off your stitches with this exclusive wooden pendant or brooch – plus 18 different design ideas!



You will need:
• Wooden pieces (free gift from Mollie Makes 51)
• Embroidery thread
• Needle
• Jump ring and pendant chain or brooch back and glue

Mollie Makes Free cross stitch patterns

Step 1
Choose a design (find all 18 free cross stitch designs here) and then pick a spot to begin stitching. We recommend starting from one of the edges to make counting your stitches easier.

Step 2
Select a length of thread. Notice that each piece of thread is made up of six individual strands. Gently ply the thread to separate out two strands. Go slowly so the floss doesn’t get all tangled up.

Step 3
Line up the ends of the two strands and fold them in half. Thread all four ends through the needle. This will create a loop at the other end of the thread. You’ll use this loop to help secure the thread when you start stitching.



Step 4
Now take your wooden piece. One side will have slight burn marks. For best results we recommend making this side the back. Bring your needle up through a hole from the back to the front. Do not pull the thread all the way through, but leave the loop at the back. Next slip your needle through a hole diagonally across from where you started. As you do so, pass your needle through the loop of thread at the back of the piece. Tug gently to secure.

Step 5
Work your way across the row, continuing to make half cross stitches.

Step 6
When you reach the end of the row, or when specified by your design, return in the other direction to complete the cross stitches. Try to keep the tension on your stitches even. Don’t make them slack, but don’t pull too tight either.

Step 7
When you run out of thread or need to change colours, slip the needle under three or four stitches on the back of the work to secure your thread, and then clip. Some of the designs contain layered stitches. Complete the stitches on the bottom before moving on to ones layered over the top, using pliers if needed to help pull the needle through small holes.

Step 8
Once your stitching is complete, use a pair of pliers to attach the jump ring to the pendant, or a dab of strong glue to affix the pin to the back of the brooch.

Susan-FitzgeraldAbout Susan Fitzgerald
Susan Fitzgerald explores the world of cross stitch using unconventional materials, such as wood, acrylic, leather and more. Drawing inspiration from folk art and antique patterns, she puts a decidely modern spin on traditional craft. She lives in New England with her husband, daughter and way too much yarn.