DIY sustainable lunch bag pattern

Inspired by the sustainable lunch boxes we’ve been seeing in the supermarkets, we decided it was time to make our own! We brought in the experts, Laura and Tia from Little Button Diariesto bring you this DIY lunch box pattern. These colourful lunch bags are made from wipe-clean vinyl and they’re hard-wearing too. Sustainability never looked so good. 

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DIY lunch box pattern


  • Oilcloth or vinyl of your choice in 2 contrasting/matching colours
  • Masking tape
  • Strong sewing thread
  • Triangular point needle
  • Self adhesive Velcro, 7cm (2¾”)

Step 1

DIY lunch box pattern

Cut two 25 x 30cm (97/8 x 117/8“)pieces from each of your fabrics. Place the different fabric pieces with wrong sides (WS) together, then place on top of each other with right sides (RS) together.

Step 2

DIY lunch box pattern
Tape the short ends together (pins leave holes in vinyl) and sew using a 1cm (3/
8“) seam allowance, leaving one short end open. Trim the edges to 0.5cm (¼”).

Step 3

DIY lunch box pattern

Pull the bag open from the middle so the seams are on the front. Fold the bottom corners up, aligned with the seam. Measure 5cm (2″) from each corner and draw a line across the corner at this point to form a triangle. 

Step 4

DIY lunch box pattern

Sew along the line and clip the corners to 0.5cm (¼”). Turn the bag RS out and push out the corners.

Step 5

DIY lunch box pattern

Fold 0.5cm (¼”) from the top of the bag inward and sew in place.

Step 6

DIY lunch box pattern

DIY lunch box patternFold in the sides to line up with the width of the base then press the base up. Iron on a low heat using a towel to protect the vinyl.

Step 7

DIY lunch box pattern

Stick one side of the Velcro centrally along the top edge of the bag. Remove the backing from the other side and stick it onto the first piece. With the Velcro facing you, fold the bag towards the back by 3cm (1¼”), then again by another 3cm (1¼”). Press to adhere the Velcro to the main body of the bag.

DIY lunch box pattern

We hope you get good use from your new DIY lunch box. Share your eco makes with us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. And for more sustainable projects subscribe to Mollie Makes.