Woven hanging tutorial

ocean weave DIY

Worked in delicate shades of blue and white, Lucy Rowan of @peasandneedles‘ weaving wall hanging reminds us of waves lapping against the shore. Create this miniature coastal-inspired piece for your home and add a splash of your own creativity using the techniques in our weaving guide

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  • Loom  
  • Selection of yarn in various shades and weights
  • Dowel
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle


Weave DIY step 1

Weave DIY Step 1

  1. Tie the string in a knot around the bottom of the loom. Keeping the string taut, warp the loom by winding the string up and down, looping it around the notches, as shown. Knot the string at the opposite bottom corner. This forms the base of the weave, so it’s important the string is tight.

    Weave DIY step 2

    Weave DIY Step 2

  2. Take a 30cm (117/8“) length of yarn and tie a double knot on the first warp (the vertical string on the far left) to secure it. On the second warp (the second string in), tie a half hitch knot twice. To tie a half hitch knot, take the yarn around the back of the warp and pull it through to the front. Pass it back over the warp and under itself, then loop it back over itself and through the loop formed around the warp. Pull it tight to form the knot, then repeat to tie twice. Repeat across the remaining warp threads. 

    Weaving DIY step 3

    Weaving DIY Step 3

  3. To create the tassels for the weave – also known as rya knots – cut several strands of yarn into 20cm (77/8“) lengths. Take 3-6 strands of yarn (depending on the thickness), fold the bundle in half, then lay the centre over the top of the first two warp threads. Pass the left side of the bundle under and back around the warp on the left, and the right side under and around the warp on the right. Bring both ends of the bundle down to the bottom of the loom and pull to tighten. Repeat across the remaining warp threads. 

    Weaving DIY step 4

    Weaving DIY Step 4

  4. Build up the main design using tabby weaving. Thread the needle with a length of yarn, then weave it over, then under, alternate warp threads across the loom. Take it back across the loom in the opposite direction to work the next row, this time weaving under the warps it went over, and over the warps it went under.

    Weaving DIY step 5

    Weaving DIY Step 5

  5. Continue tabby weaving back and forth across the loom, changing yarn shades every few rows. Use different weights of yarn to add texture and, in certain areas, only weave across half the loom, weaving a different shade over the other half. Use the main image as a guide, or create your own design.

    Weaving DIY step 6

    Weaving DIY Step 6

  6. To take the weaving off the loom, cut the warp threads under the tassels. Lift the weaving off the top of the loom, then thread a length of dowel through the loops created by the top warp threads. To finish, tie a length of string to either end of your dowel to hang.

Now all that’s left is to hang up your weaving wall hanging and show it off proudly. If you’re on the hunt for more weaving projects, make sure you’re subscribed to Mollie Makes. Every issue is packed with creative ideas, inspiration and a gift for you to make and enjoy.