Duplicate stitch: How to embroider patterns on knitwear

Swiss darning - Duplicate stitch heart elbow patches by One Sheepish Girl

Learn how to duplicate stitch with Jessica Joy’s video tutorial and spruce up last year’s snug-as-a-bug knitwear

There’s a nip in the air which means it’s time for our yearly ritual of digging out forgotten cardies and fingerless gloves. But fear not, lovelies, we’re here to turn your thoughts to duplicate stitches (or Swiss darning). Will these bad boys restore your love for crisp autumnal mornings all while giving your wardrobe an overhaul? Darn straight, they will!

Video: How to add duplicate stitch motifs to knitting

What is duplicate stitching?
The duplicate stitch is a really easy technique of sewing coloured stitches on knitted garments. Cheat hard knitting patterns (and be the knitting ninja you know you are!) by embroidering patterns and motifs on knitwear instead. Take a minute to watch Jessica Joy’s video above and learn how to duplicate stitch.

Ready to break out the beanies? Check out these duplicate stitch tutorials and ideas…

1. Creative mending via Karen Barbé

Swiss Darning tutorial by Karen Barbé

2. Cute kitten mitten face via Squeaky Swing

Cute cat on mitten using duplicate stitch tutorial

3. Neon jumper details via Purl Bee

Neon Fair Isle sweater

4. Heart elbow patches via One Sheepish Girl

P.S Meredith of One Sheepish Girl will be guest posting on Instagram and Pinterest in the first #mollietakeover. Come see!

Swiss darning - Duplicate stitch heart elbow patches

5. Floral yarn embroidery via Pinterest

Not strictly Swiss darning, but this yarn embroidered short sleeve jumper is a thing of beauty.

Yarn embroidery on the sleeves

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